I want to go to Disney land

I want to go to Disney land

I want to go to Disney land so goofy can hug me

11 Comments on “I want to go to Disney land

  1.  by  lisa

    I would give you a kind hug too, if I could, along with Goofy. Try to go to Disneyland for your birthday. It is free for everyone for their birthday. Know that you are loved and God cares.

  2.  by  Hannah

    Isn’t it funny how Disneyland or even a hug from Goofy can bring us back to our childhood and perhaps even make us closer to knowing who we are and who we aspire to be? Good luck with your dreams. I’m 20 years old and going to Disneyworld this summer. I’ll give Goofy a hug for you just in case I get there first. ::hugs::

  3.  by  chelsea

    no matter how old you are, whenever you hug a disney character you feel like everything is right in the world.

  4.  by  RaJean

    What is the best, is the hugs from Goofy and the place itself …. you can’t be sad at Disney. Humanly impossible. Believe me, I tried to be.

  5.  by  Misty

    Not when your anorexic… although it helps. 🙂

  6.  by  Evershrike

    I would want to hug Goofy too…and maybe belle lol. I’ve always wanted to be a princess!! I’m 17 and I still want to lol

  7.  by  yep

    ughh that sounds like a nightmare to me!
    im horribly scared of those people dressed up as characters! 🙁

  8.  by  Desa

    i don’t want to hug Goofy as much as i want to meet all the Disney princesses.
    i’m gonna be 20 soon.

  9.  by  N.A

    my dream was to hug EEYORE.. im 20 and i went days after my birthday a couple of weeks ago.. and it was trully a dream come true!! no lie……

    i got TONS of pictures with him….. just felt soooo wow… i love him i totally unuderstand this secret

  10.  by  J

    He flew at me with a hundred mile-an-hour hug from 13 feet away; it made me feel wanted, needed, inspired, and worth it. I know it was just some random guy in a Goofy suit, but he made something beautiful awaken. I thank him for all he’s done with only 10 seconds of kindness, and I wish him all the happiness in the world; he truly is a gorgeous person, influenced by Goofy or not. I wish for him to hold you, and any who needs it, just as he held me.

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