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  1. As a former Marine, I can tell you one hundred percent that the US military is just a fragile and despicable shell of what it used to be. Sounds to me like you have been watching movies or playing video games and you have this ‘fantasy world’ Marine perception in your head. Let me tell you from first hand experience that it is NO WHERE even remotely close to what they show in the movies or what the recruiter will tell you. All the recruiter is there for now is to fill boots and make a quota. They say they are not, but they are just glorified salesman.

    Trust me when I tell you this, keep your dignity and do not fall into the same trap as I did. I lost 6 years of my life for this bullshit. In the end we were just commissioned henchmen to enforce a corporate agenda that was given to us by the powers that govern, that have ALL sold out to the almighty dollar.

  2. I don’t even own violent or any video games related to shooting as part of any Army…I watch movies and they’re mostly funny ones and probably R rated ones. I’m still going, but there’s something to being with people for long periods of time that should make you close, like brothers with them right?

  3. From someone serving in currently in Iraq I can tell you yes, you do form strong bonds. I would take a bullet for many of the guys im deployed with. True, it may not be what it used to be, but you get tight with your guys. Trust me on this.

  4. I’m not trying to make you feel worse or anything. But, the truth is, whichever way you die, you always die alone. Even if everyone you love is with you, holding your hand, while the light from your eyes is fading, in the end, you always die alone. You have to go through it alone.

    Ugh. Is it depressing? But, I just really find that that is one of the only things which makes all human beings the same. A rich man dying of heart attack and a beggar dying from hunger both die the same way: alone.

  5. truthfully i had some belief in this when i first joined the army… and well THIS IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT. THE GUY THAT WAS A FORMER MARINE IS 100% right… the movies are totally 100% incorrect with what type of people are in it and what its about. dont join its a waste of life. i was regretting life because i was taking things for granted, but life is wonderful dont sell yourself to be some garbage shit bag. the type of people that join the army or marines are the type of people that have no way out… ( no offense to the former marine ) i joined and looked at the people around me, these arent brothers these are people that would run away and risk my life for themselves…. i do however take some away from that equation but majority are like this…

    ITS NOT WORTH IT… if you want to die… you probably should try some medication out my friend… trust me ive been down this road. meds sometimes make things worse, but you know what anything is better then dieing..

    when you join the army, you are basically selling your body and time to someone else…. your someones bitch.

  6. As a former Marine I can understand your desire to die among comrads, but that is no reason to join any branch of service. At least not enough of a reason im my opinion. God bless…

  7. don’t listen to those haters, I served in Iraq with men and some boys who I consider my family they are the brothers I never had, I saw shit with them that will haunt me until the day I die and I know where ever I might wind up after that I’ll be able to find one of my brothers on the other side waiting to get my back. To all those being so negative sorry you didnt have a better experience you might want to reflect back on those days and see if might not have been your own fault for having such a bad time.

  8. I’m not a Marine yet but I want to be. at first it was cause I wanted to die because of girl that broke up with me. that was about a year and a half ago and my reason for joining, even though on the girl, have flipped to wanting to kill some one and the bonds that i will form with the guys I’m with. the only thing in high school i like is my sports and the teams that I’m on. I also don’t like my friends from childhood anymore and hate civilian life in part because i don’t want to fall in love. still i can’t wait to join, I’m gonna try to get in to an infantry or something even more elite like Recon.

  9. You do form brotherhood if you seek it and give yourself to the group. That being said the hardest part of being a Marine is not taking a bullet, and certainly not taking a life. The hardest part is burying your brothers, watching them bleed out in some god forsaken country and then trying to live a life afterward.

  10. I’m a former Marine who served with 3rd Battalion 4th Marines infantry battalion. My unit was the most deployed unit in the entire military and pulled the Sadam Statue down in Baghdad… All that aside I have to agree with those above me. I was never injured but I’m sure it’s easier to take a bullet, and I know taking someone else’s life is easier than coming back home without all the people you went with. Even if you didn’t know them very well or at all the hardest part for me is my guilt.

    I have a huge amount of survivors guilt even though I know I couldn’t have done anything to change it. I feel the worst about an incident that happened December 21, 2006. I was the 2nd vehicle in a convoy in a lightly armored humvee, the lead vehicle and my vehicle drove over a pressure plate IED (Improvised Explosive Device) that we couldn’t see in the low light of the evening. However, the 7 ton truck directly behind mine was heavy enough to complete the circuit of the pressure plate IED and it detonated 5 or 6 extremely large artillery shells spreading pieces of the truck & it’s 4 occupants over a few hundred meter area.

    I wish all the time that my vehicle with only myself and one other passenger had set it off. I have the most wonderful fiancee that I love more than anything else and I have so much going for me now that I’m out of the Marine Corps. However, my survivors guilt hits so hard sometimes it gives me horrible nightmares, panic attacks, can’t sleep and more.

    The hardest part about the tour was having someone else die in an incident that just as easily could have been me, or in my case where I drove over the IED but the lack of armor on my vehicle saved me it should have been me detonating it.

    At the time I was single, I didn’t have the best relationship with my parents. These Marines had families, kids, someone who was waiting for them back home. I got off the bus back in the states with no one waiting for me except for other peoples families and some of the wives of KIA Marines. Seeing them welcome us home even when their own husbands had died just filled the last part of me that was guilt free with a guilt that will follow me till the day I die.

  11. oh really then why did you become an aid worker in war torn coutnries, and risk being kdinapped by terrorists so that you can help innocent people instad of beocming amarine and murdering them?

  12. If you think your service was wasted and that you lost six years of your life over some bullshit, you have definitely lost your head God damn mind. I cannot believe that such a brotherhood as powerful and as deep as the Marines has taught you nothing. The United States Military is the most recognized fighting forces in the entire world, and everything person in those ranks has made a sacrifice beyond anything that they could ever achieve on their own. “Some bland corporate dollar”, it is called a country. Whether you are fighting for freedom or fighting for yourself, it is called service, and service to the United States is the most honorable duty an American can have and the fact that you destroy the bonds you have between yourself and the fact that you served our country is disgraceful and beyond all atonements. As parental as this sounds maybe you should take a walk and really find what the term service is all about, because for damn sure it ain’t about you Marine, it ain’t about you. I cannot wait to go to the Ghan and take shells and bullets with sweat and tears and blood. It is what I was born to do and no video game or movie ever told me to do it, I told me to do it, and if that means one of my brothers or sisters gets to come home from battle to see his or her loved ones, then send me and keep me there until the job is done. Get some Marines, get some!!!!

  13. Get some = brainwashed by the corporate elite. Die for real freedom, not manufactured bullshit, you careerist.

  14. if you join the marines than you are my hero. although your reasons are blurred wiht thousands of others you still signed a ccontract to fight for my freedom, even though you do not and will never meet me. i would like to say that no matter what you do you will be surrounded by those who will love you and people who despise the very idea of you, please join the military only if its your decision, not because of some chick, or some other reason. know that war isn’t like what’s in the movies, and that no matter what, you will come back with some issues if you were in combat, the Marines are a tight knit community that will push you to your limits, but if you push back then you will be a future marine!please join the marines only if you are willing to claim the title of United States Marines!
    oorah foREVer

  15. First I have to say that I don’t think any soldier that completes a tour
    Or period of time anywhere can concider a wasted of time as worse and horrible any ocation there is always something to learn reflect and change on us , and for the brotherhood I think if in 6 years on the sand box u couldn’t develop some kind of bond at that level of stress which the only people u could talk and trust are the same for a long period of time , there could be (not saying there is) some kind of trauma or issue with your social behavior.

    And second I want to be a ranger for many reason first the respect and honor of being part the USA army and expecially and elite soldier being part of a group that not everyone can complete the training I think is huge personal honor and as the profession goes you fallo orders and you would do 100 percent and more to do them right beside your personal opinion ..I think if u gonna be in the military you have to see it as a career where your job is to do what your train and told to and you have to accept that,also as being part of a group I’m sure you created a brotherhood with honorable people who are there to stay alive and completed the mission the more we are and stay together the more of us would come home …. And always in mind that you doing what other won’t do it a career a job u choose to see the ugly and the good …

    Ranger lead the way
    Respect for all the USA Millitary !

  16. Do you really think that all the random guys who became marines because they failed at everything else, will be real brothers?

    And did it occur to you that there are more wounded and disabled than killed? you’re far more likely to become a cripple than get killed, and then you’ll definitely be alone!

    On the other hand, consider that perhaps you’re looking for companionship in the wrong place. good people exist everywhere, and in my opinion, in the army is one of the worst places to look for good people!

    why don’t you try volunteering for something? there you will find selfless people that are worth your friendship!

  17. I know it’s probably too late as this is three years old, but as an Airman I advise against it unless you’re in dire straits for money/education/work. And I mean dire. I haven’t been to the desert (yet) so I still sort-of enjoy my job. Air Force takes care of me, but Marines get almost no funding and will send you to the worst places. Becareful what you wish for…death may be exactly what you get. =\

  18. Hey guys, I just thought about this after seeing this creation of mine somewhere on the internet. And I have to say, I do hold the title of a United States Marine. And have been one for quite some time now(a little over a year). This place is the worst, and the best place I have ever been to. And yes, we might not get much funding, and they may send us to some pretty damn shitty places everynow and then but… we still make the best of every damn situation. We bitch, whine, complain and curse the living hell out of what we don’t want to do… in the end though we get through shit with the Marines to our lefts and to our rights. I love my goddamn Marine Corps. RAAH!!!

  19. but the problem is, not everyone dies.
    i had a lot of great brothers out on the battlefield. i watched a lot of them die. i saw shit that keeps me up and down at nights, when my service dog Bucky has to nudge me because of my nightmares.
    i didn’t die out there. i left my leg out there. i walk on a prosthetic. Bucky and the wounded warrior program keep me grounded. but i want my life back.
    i’m a twenty year old girl. yeah, i’ve got brothers. brothers arent worth your mind becoming a living hell.

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