13 thoughts on “I used your toothbrush”

  1. I did the same thing to my brother when we were in high school. He apparently got me back by peeing on mine.

  2. Im a Certified nursing assistant…One night one of my patients was acting like a b*&%H…she even reported me..because i didnt blow dry her hair.. I still laugh when i remembr that I used her tooth brush to clean the sink and the toilet…btw i brushed her teeth that night…hahahahahahahahshahahahahahahah

  3. I agree, you have no business in the health profession. I hope you get caught…because next time, who knows what will you do to someone??

  4. Re: Best Nurse and the comments to him/her,

    Let this be a lesson or reminder to treat the people who take care of you nicely. They have feelings too, and though it is not excusable, the next time you are mean to your nurse, or waitress, or whoever, you might get secret ‘service’ that would upset you to know about.

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