I still check my missed call list

I still check my missed call list

I still check my missed call list to see if you ever called and I just didn’t get it.

64 Comments on “I still check my missed call list

  1.  by  Ladybug

    I do that all the time. It really sucks when you don’t call :/

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  3.  by  Mark

    i do that every day.. goddamn, i miss you so much jess

  4.  by  psychic seeker

    I miss you. You were what was missing in my life of family and children. You were the other half of my soul. You were a part of my innerself. We havent seen eachother in 6 years. But when I wrote to you said you missed me so much. But you will never know how much you have meant to me till you die..your soul will know.

  5.  by  Kevin

    All the time, even though I know nothing is there :/

  6.  by  Heartbroke

    I would do this, but I know you’ll never call. I miss your Marnie.

  7.  by  Courtney

    I’ll turn my phone off for hours just for a chance of being super happy and surprised when I see his text. It never works anymore, it’s so time to move on.

  8.  by  Cassandra

    I did that for 6 months after 2 friends committed suicide.
    I practically glued my mobile to my hand and wouldn’t go anywhere, even to bathe, without it, and frantically answer every call after the first ring.
    I wish I was smarter that night.

  9.  by  Bubbles 77

    I finally changed my number last year. I was tired of waiting on broken promises. It was so sad to me that the last time i saw you after you left, you said you’d call me soon, sometime, someday.
    That someday never came… I sometimes wonder if you’ve tried to call my old number and then i think of the Garth Brooks song.
    I wish you’d find me and say your sorry… for all of it. I need the closure. I still dont hate you, i never could because i loved you too much.

  10.  by  Jbug4406

    I’m still waiting for my husband to call and say he’s okay. He passed away in October.

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