31 thoughts on “I never read that book”

  1. wow. your stupid. what an asshole.

    just read the fuckin book already and then postsecret won’t have to listen to your fucking bullshit.

    worthless peice of shit.

  2. Dude, you need to chill. If you don’t want to look at this postsecret, you don’t have to. You don’t get to be a freaking jerk about it. How about you get a life. You’re just jealous because no one would ever lie about reading a book for you.

  3. Is that your way of making yourself feel superior?
    Seems like someone’s got something to get off their chest.

  4. Kirk, your douchebaggery is phenomenal. You represent everything that is culturally wrong with this country. Go fuck yourself you arrogant self righteous “worthless peice of shit.” I honestly think that world would be a much better place without unaccepting jugemental heartless assholes like you.

  5. All of the above comments are just like Kirk’s. Making a negative comment about someone else, the whole aspect of commenting on the secret is to be about the secret; get it back together. The world needs people who can be judge-less.

    We all have lied at one point in time to impress someone.

  6. Haha, No Thank god- and when it came out in the cinema, We said we wouldn’t go cause “Movies ruin books”- What the hell?!- Once I lie they just snowball and I forget who, where and what.

  7. You have such strong words to say for someone who doesn’t know how to capitalize, punctuate, or spell the words “you’re” or “piece”. I’d say you’re the stupid asshole.

  8. I totally pretended I loved a band that this guy loved and we talked for an hour and half about it. haha I did know who the band was but hated them and had an hour long convo all about them when I knew nothing about what I was talking about. We dated for a while. It’s a good move.

  9. Wow…okay sorry about that multi tasking makes sentences turn out shitty. My b. You get the drift though

  10. this is a place for people to share there secrets openly without judgement. Can’t you respect that?

  11. I think that people have the undeniable need to be liked. I didn’t lie about what I liked or had done but I tried to like bands my ex introduced me too. Even when I thought they were kind of lame.

  12. I lied about the Da Vinci Code too! Too bad my sister had actually read it. I said the main character’s name was ‘Dan’ because that’s the only thing I could remember from the cover of the book.

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