15 thoughts on “I love you”

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  2. i wish i didn’t see the chair sometimes
    but it’s like looking into my own future

    and i can’t stand to be near him because of it

  3. I think some times it is really hard for some one to love some one else because of their disability. I mean i think that it all has to do with the way people look at you and the way that you feel.

  4. I have felt this way before also, as I am a young female with a disability and I often wish I could make it disappear, then things would be different with him and I…I also wish this to so that it would be easier for me to loss weight then maybe I would be more attractive to him.. I love him so much and miss him =( I totally understand this.

  5. When I met my disabled husband, his ability to love me without limitations was waaaayyy more important to me than his inability to walk. We have been married for 5 years with a beautiful son, I couldn’t be happier.

  6. I hope my sister, who will never be able to walk despite constant therapies and surgeries, will be able to one day meet someone who will love her no matter what and look past the hot-pink wheelchair to see how beautiful she is inside and out.

    I hope my brother, who cannot hold up a conversation unless he is reciting lines from movies, will have a strong girl/guy/whatever fall in love with him and see how he’s just so handsome and quirky.

    I hope society will get over seeing disabled people. I hope they will soon appreciate how they can at least walk and how that is such a gift. I hope they will get over themselves to see how happy these kids are to even hear their big sister say ‘I love you’ and give them a kiss on the cheek and a hug to boot. I have so many hopes for them.

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