34 thoughts on “I know you are still talking to her behind my back”

  1. my boyfriend talked to his ex behind my back for the entire time we dated. it was supposed to stop when we got married 4 years ago. it has not.

  2. 12 and half years in to my marriage and my husband still talks to his ex behind my back. Get use to it or get out.

  3. i am the ex. it isnt like that. he was best friend for 4 years. thats all it will ever be because if he wanted to be with me he wouldnt have left me for her

  4. I know the feeling, 2 years into a relationship and hes still talking to her, I hate her for it, she comes to him, he doesnt go to her.

  5. well he has finally cut all ties from her. new cell phone. blocked email address. thank god.

  6. Her parents still tell him they love him and come to see him all the time. And I’m scared that in his Mom’s mind, I’m never gonna measure up to her even though she was so mean to him. He has no interest in her or talking to her. I would feel a lot worse about this if it wasn’t for the fact that she has a mustache.

  7. This one really hits home for me. I really like this guy and he supposedly really likes me but he still talks to this girl that treats him like trash. I can’t imagion why he would want to be with her when I am RIGHT HERE waiting to drown him in love and happiness. I don’t understand.

  8. I’m the ex also. She got him to cheat on me (she knew about me and didn’t care), but I still love him more than life itself. We still talk, behind her back…he hides it, because she’s a super jealous bitch. I don’t feel bad about it one bit. She loves to flaunt the fact that she has him. I wish the ugly slut would read this and know she doesn’t own him.

  9. When I think about the girl my boyfriend cheating on me with, I just think about her mustache too. It’s good to hear someone shares my method. 🙂

  10. I just found out a few weeks ago that my husband’s been cheating on me for the last 7 months, with someone he admits wasn’t even worth it. I thought I could deal with the betrayal, but sometimes, it overwhelms me. It’s tough realising I might never be able to trust him again. And as much as I still love him, I don’t know if living with this pain is really worth it.

  11. he told me that he wished i was the girl he had met down there.
    i’m too hurt to still talk to him. but i miss him everyday.

  12. I know this one. Lol. The person I was supposed to be with still has pictures of himself and his ex together. She tells him she misses him, and he says he misses her. Hell, she even tells him she misses having sex with him. [: He wouldn’t get rid of the pictures.. And wouldn’t stop talking to her because she turned his phone off when he did. And, this is the girl that pushed him down a flight and a half of stairs and destroyed his laptop.

    It took me moving away for him to stop. I live 12 hours away, and he cries because I’m gone.

  13. Haha gotta problem? That’s my comment^, I just have a different name obviously. You can think bad about me if you’d like, but that changes nothing. I haven’t done anything wrong, we just talk…and it’s not like I’m talking about sex with him. I’ve never tried to get him to cheat on her. I’ve also never just randomly showed up to his place of work, or house – which he did to me when I had a boyfriend…more than once.

    She knew that he and I were together, but still wanted to go out with him, and even kissed him. If I was a “dumb hoe” like her…then I would be going to his house when I knew she wasn’t there to get him to cheat on her. I haven’t, so don’t assume things when you really know nothing.

  14. Also, it would be a different story if I ever treated him bad. But even to this day, he tells me that he knows no one will ever love him as much as me…or treat him as good as I did…including her.

  15. my boyfriend started talking to his ex a month ago and he says they are just friends but he also told me he still loves her…but he LOVES me…it is killing me every time I think about it…she says she misses him but he dosnt say that back I dont know if I can trust him since he has cheated on all his past gf’s except for me 🙁

  16. You’re right, I do… It doesn’t even make me feel bad, most of the time. Then I admit again that you know…

  17. Alana, I know exactly what you’re going through and I am so sorry. I’ve been there and it was the MOST painful thing I have ever experienced. It has been 2 years for me now, and I can tell you that the pain does get better. Hang in there, but only if he apologizes and works his ass off to make amends. He should also be willing to answer any and all questions you have (watch yourself though – there are some things you just don’t want to know) and be willing and able to rebuild your trust and the marriage. Try to see a good marriage counselor if you can. Only you can decide if he is worth it, and don’t be ashamed if he is not. I am still working on getting past our issue and it’s very hard, but it does get easier. Best of luck!

  18. It’s been 1 year and 3 months…….
    I don’t know if there has EVER been one single day when he didn’t talk to her.
    At the begining….he cheated
    and I forgave him…..
    He left me over something she said….
    and I forgave him and took him back….
    under ONE condition
    NO MORE!
    On valentines day he got a message from her,
    “I love you”
    I don’t know how to deal with it.
    She was horrible to him. She hurt him. Used guilt against him. Yelled at him.
    Why can’t he leave her behind?
    He says they’re best friends……
    but I know all she wants is him back

  19. My boyfriend has a similar situation. Except she is a manipulative, conceited liar. She takes advantage of him and when I bring it up he says I am just being jealous. I hate her for it.

  20. he left me almost a year ago for some other whore. we were engaged. he wants to work things out. everyday i wonder if he still talks to her and wonder if i will ever not wonder anymore. i cant spend the rest of my life wondering

  21. My abusive husband became best “friends” with another woman 17 years into our marriage(He would however go ballistic if I even said a “hi” to the mailman…)
    It came to a head, I confronted her, etc… he said he would quit talking to her, but he secretly continued seeing/talking to her….. I kept discovering his deceit via his work computer which he left open on rare occasion….
    I finally let go after a few years of going crazy, constantly comparing myself to her and believing that i didn’t measure up.
    I am now in the process of divorcing him and he has decided that he wants to declare me an unfit mother and get the kids away from me. Well, he picked the wrong girl to f__k with!

    I let go by:
    1) Reading that CoDependent No More book
    2) Making a plan to leave him
    3) Joining a support group

    Good Luck!

  22. I used to be the ex girlfriend. He talked to me every day behind her back. He left her for me, and now we’re getting married.

  23. In relationships, there are physical and emotional connections you make with your partner. My gf emotionally cheated on me…at the time, she tried to deny it. Last September, she confirmed my fears…she physically cheated on me with the same girl 2 years ago. They would talk and hangout behind my back. And I would constantly be lied to my face.

    Although, my gf tells me she no longer talks to the other girl and hasn’t since she told me about everything…I still worry and am afraid that history will repeat itself. My gf has a history of cheating on her significant others, but she has never told them about it…she just broke up with them. She told me and didn’t run away. I like to think it won’t happen again, but I just don’t know if my trust is built back up yet.

    She gets annoyed whenever I show the tiniest bit of insecurity…but I can’t help it, especially given her and our histories.

  24. We have been together for 5 years & bought a home together. Unfortunately, He still speaks with his ex at least once a week. They used to be a couple 20 years ago. They broke up after 1 year. Then several years later hooked up for 6 months. They broke up & she married someone else. Now she has 2 kids. I then found out he went over to her home for dinner & stayed the night. At her home, with her husband & kids. How sick, disgusting & disrespectful is that? If that’s what he wants over me – she can have him. She is one of those evil women who control ex’s to make them selves feel better. He says they are friends – but if she really was, she would let him free. This woman has no morals at all. I wonder how many other men she has over. What kind of husband would agree to that? I can only suspect that she is in a unsatisfying marriage. So, she has to be the home wrecker to destroy other peoples happiness. For once in her life – think of someone’s else’s happiness other than your own. I hope she reads this. In the after life – you will go directly to hell for this.Stop contacting him you freaking loser.

  25. I still talk to my ex everyday, even though I have a boyfriend. I’m in love with him…what can i say?

  26. Well, I’m the ‘her’. My friend’s girlfriend doesn’t like him talking to me. She’s actually ‘banned’ him from seeing me a few times, but we still talk every day and meet up every now and then. I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m happy he breaks her ‘rules’, because I couldn’t live without him. I’m not in love with him and I would never try to steal him from her, but I love him very much

  27. The jealous bring down the curse they fear upon their own heads. Love is forever, especially childhood
    Sweethearts, why should two people who once shared a special bond not speak because of insecure and jealous partners.

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