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  1. In many studies it shows that a female is more likely to have feelings and thoughts of getting pregnant if a more dominant female gets pregnant. For example, notice how Celebrities and teens started popping them out like ¢25 candy?

  2. Im 17. I did it, its the hardest thing you can imagine. But I have never been happier. It was on purpose.

  3. I feel exactly the same way, everytime i see a baby i wish it was mine even though i know the struggles i can’t help but wish

  4. I am 16 years old, a sophomore in high school and I am 4 months pregnant. I wanted to become pregnant so bad, after a while I gave up and changed my mind.. I still was being careless and now I’m pregnant. I’m excited. I have turned my whole life around since I found out, I have started going to school every day and working hard, no more partying. I worry every day that I won’ be able to do it and that I won’t be able to make ends meet, but I am gonna love this baby more than life. I am going to give it everything I have. I will end up giving up a lot, but I am prepared to do that. If that is the choice a teen chooses to make, all I think as that they need to know what’s coming.

  5. I do too.. I have 4 friends that have kids. I want one really bad. but my family would kill me.

  6. I never wanted kids. i got pregnant at 15. miscarried. and now when i see babies and pregnant mommies, all I can think about is my little one. I wish my little monkey was still growing inside my belly. I wish I had a baby to talk to and feel his/her little kicks. I wish I could be a good mommy to my little monkey. and I can’t help, but feel awful. awful that i miscarried.

  7. I do too..I’m 17 and my boyfriend’s 21. We couldn’t be happier and want a family so bad, but we know it’d be better to wait a couple years. Still, I see other, less capable teens having kids and seeing them succeed with it that it upsets me. I know I could do it better. I’m impatient and stubborn, and like a challenge. Getting pregnant and having a baby would make me work harder and be so much better because i’d have motivation. We’d be able to make it, although my parents might as well murder me. It’s my life though. It’s so hard to take my birth control pills every night. Sometimes after him and I have sex, i’ll “forget” to take them a night or two. It’s so hard to continue taking them…It almost brings me to tears seeing pregnant teens or mothers, because I wish that was me. Idk what I’ll do, but I feel your pain. It’s a feeling that everyone will judge you on and yiu feel like noone will understand…I understand though. You aren’t alone.

  8. I feel the exact same way. I’m almost 16 and I really want to become a pregnant teenager. Just so that I would have an excuse to run away and so that I could prove that somebody can actually love me.

  9. I’m 18 & I’ve always wanted a baby. Every time i see one i wish it was mine. I keep telling myself i can’t have one yet and i’m not ready but deep down i don’t believe it. Every time i have sex i fear i’ll get pregnant just because i want it so bad.

  10. Im a teen, and whenever I see a pregnant woman, I become extremely jealous because I wish I was her.

  11. im 15 me and im boyfriend have been going out for a year and its serious weve had scares about 3 times im on the shot but i havint had my period so im hopeing badly that im pregnet meh and my boyfriend just want one now and it makes meh sad when i see other girls pregnet

  12. 1- comment number 12, i’d consider learning how to spell before you decide to HAVE A BABY. 2-i’m 15 and have debated wanting a baby as a teen. my mom is really old, seriously, and i was the only baby of hers who survived.i want to give it to her. or share, anyway. i know i’d be a good mother, and i’m not just saying this, i know everything about babies, but i also know my family and i would never be able to support it. we’re really tight for money. also, i’m anorexic so i’d probably die, and i’d never actually have a baby right now because of the weight i’d gain afterwards. i don’t know… stuff is weird in my life at the moment.

  13. I am 22. As a young teen I wanted a kid so me and my boyfriend and i would live happily ever after. As a young adult I wanted a kid so that everyone would be nice to me and take me seriously as an adult and help me get a car and stuff. (which I am well aware is kinda fucked up) after a little unintentional living and growing up into something I never thought I’d be, I am TERRIFIED of having a kid and I’m engaged to my high school sweet heart with a great job! But I won’t lie I kinda think about it sometimes and I get jealous of my friends with kids sometimes. I don’t use birth control because I’m kinda a hippie so really it could happen any month! Haha life. Cheer up girls you won’t ever regret not getting pregnant and if you do great! But don’t try for it. I didn’t and I feel wonderful.

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