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  1. No, that doesn’t make you a bad lover. Some people like it long, some people like it short. I’ve had girlfriends of each kind, and each way was different but equally good. If you get bored because you’re not into it, then maybe you’re with the wrong person?

  2. You’re not a bad lover…you just haven’t had AMAZING sex yet! I used to go through the motions and never really wanted to be “pounded”…and then you just find someone who you love so much, you get comfortable…and then woahhhh!! WHAT WAS THAT!!! And there you have it – Amazing sex =]

  3. Admittedly, I didn’t know what asexuality was before I read the comments on this secret…now it all makes sense. =/

    Thank you <3

  4. It might be the contemporary culture that is so focused on instant gratification. you just want to end result not the journey.

    Sex is a journey, not a destination. There is a kind of sex that is completely orgasm free, just pure intimacy and love.

    perhaps you should experiment with that. or perhaps you should stop thinking and start feeling when you make love.

    Try to enjoy giving pleasure rather than receiving it, feel the power you have by being able to drive the other person to heights and lengths of pleasure they can only dream of!

    bottom line, it’s not sex that’s wrong, it’s the way you THINK about it.

  5. Or Daemon, perhaps some people like it short and quick. I think quickies are more intense and far more satisfying than dragging the issue out. Think about it, when you have an itch do you take your time scratching it? No, you don’t. Which is more fun – driving a minivan for 2 hours or a drag racer for seconds? I know which one I think is more exhilarating.

    I actually think it’s sad that someone thinks they are a bad lover simply because they prefer quickies. I think they just need a more compatible partner.

    Oh, and this has nothing to do with selfishness or thinking too much. I think the real problem are people that think everybody has to have sex one single way to be happy. Short or long, just have fun and enjoy it.

  6. Generosity is key and will reap the rewards. talk to the one you love and learn them inside and out, comfortable and most of all. my first and only is the girl ive been with for 2.5 years now, and once you really love someone, then you can show them physically and emotionally how much you love them

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