17 thoughts on “I drink too much. But I like it.”

  1. My friends do too and it is tearing us apart as I can no longer trust or respect them… I miss them very much! It really hurts watching them destroy their lives and not to be able to help them.

  2. I do too, but only because I like the situations it puts me in.
    I’d rather find out I was used the morning after, than a year down the line.

  3. so does my best friend, the guy i am considering starting a future with… but that is what’s stopping me.

  4. my boyfriend made me promise on our relationship
    that i would never drink again just because he said i was
    “drinking just to get drunk.” i feel like breaking it,
    but i know if i do, i’ll regret it so much.
    fml. :/

  5. me too, if i could be drunk everyday and there be no consquences, that’d be the life for me; this passed year my drinking has reached and all time high…me and my friends combined have spent THOUSANDS on booze, as disgusting as that is, i don’t regret it.

  6. Попытайся пить меньше.Я сама люблю пить,но не очень много.
    Try to drink less.I itself love to drink,but not plenty of.

  7. I drank a lot at one time like shot after shot. until one night i blacked out and when i came too i was in bed with 2girls and a guy. i d been used by all of them. that gave me the incentive to quit .

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  9. I drink too much. I realized this a year ago when my brother quit drinking. Alcoholism is the genes they tell me. My grandfather was a boozer, my brother teetered on the edge, and now I feel I am drawing close. Law school is awesome and exhausting at the same time. I come home and every other night I have a bottle of wine. It feels great, there is that crest of ecstasy, when the alcohol kicks in and nothing in the world is a problem, when the world expands, open horizons at your feet. I want to stop, maybe. But I am so alone right now, what does it matter that I soar high when no one is around. I am in a different city than my family, I am not good at making friends, but for a few hours a bottle of wine can make all that inconsequential. I am in the top 10% of my class, I made law review, I am keeping up on the workload. But outside of school I feel I am falling into a self-piteous world of indulgent behavior. If I stop, than I spend the last hours of the day lonely, contemplating what use it was to give a good answer in federal courts, if from 7 to 10 you are blitz out of your mind, if all you accomplish after class is a bottle of wine, and swallowing ten years of ‘ill do that tomorrow’ ‘ill get started on life after college’. Now, I have finished my last bottle of wine, i am thinking of going to the grocers for another, and wishing I had something in my life strong enough to stop me .

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