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  1. I’m sorry.
    If it helps, you will leave him eventually (but you must come to terms with that in your own time).

  2. I love him. Always will. and hes perfect. always will be. You know how sometimes when he ends it you begin to see the flaws, see the mistakes? With him its not that way. He shines more.

    Its been 4 years and i still can’t make the way his skin smelled leave my head sometimes. Because he broke my heart the worst way of all. He cheated

  3. I was perfectly fine with him hurting me because the only way for him to truly break my heart was to leave. He just doesn’t understand. But he is heartless. He claims he did once love me. I’m not sure if I even believe that anymore I really want to and I really want to believe that he will come back to me after he sees I’ve left him alone. I’m hoping too hard and wishing too deep though. 🙁

  4. he knows how much he hurts me. im sure of it, but he doesnt care. and now i cant seem to feel anything now. how worthless can i be?

  5. hey, i wish there was something i could do to make you all feel better cus as a guy i feel guilty that u are all so upset by things that guys did to you. i hope u all find happiness.

  6. i understand completely. no i don’t think you are sadistic. sometimes we just want the good parts of a person to come back and shine the light we once saw upon us. People grow and change and you love the person he was, not what he became. Whatever he did to you… it doesnt seem very positive. I understand. I loved someone who at first was very wonderful at first and then became controlling and jealous, mentally and physically abusive after only a few months. Later it escalated to where he assaulted me very seriously. i stayed thinking that my love would change him back into the man i loved but the damage was already done. I no longer trusted him and lost all respect for him. I even stood by him after the police arrested him and pressed charges (because of the severity of my injuries). i tried to be a good fiance who went to visit him often and wrote etc… until after 2 months of him being locked up for assaulting me he told me he cheated on me. I was completely done. Sometimes we have to stay in order to prove something to ourselves, but also we must leave to prove something also. No one deserves to be treated like shit. No matter what you have done. Once the trust and respect is gone… there is nothing short of a miracle that brings it back. And usually it takes horror to change a person, unfortunately. It changed me… good luck, love.

  7. My Ex, whom I was dating for three years, left me for another woman. He did this after the first time I ever really stood up to him. And even though this hurts so bad, and I have to see him with her at work and he took all of our mutual frineds and he’s making my life a living hell, I know that he never deserved me. He never did anything just because he loved me. He didn’t buy me anything for chraistmas or valentine’s day. He cheated. He called me weak, stupid, ugly, fat, and undesirable constantly. He got me using drugs, destroyed my credit and almost ruined all my friendships and family ties. And even after all this crap… I can’t let him go. It so hard and hurts so much that he got over me and moved on in a day, and it while probably take me months, years even to really get over him and trust someone else and love again.

  8. My boyfriend has been mentally & physically abusive, he’s very hurtful sometimes & I wish sometimes I could stop loving him but for some reason I can’t, I can’t let go!

  9. & the fact he kicks me out a lot, like tonight I sat out in the cold for almost 2 hours & I had to walk back home it was too cold & he was sleeping! I asked him if I could please stay home for the night & thankfully he said yes!

  10. I feel the same. I’m trying to leave him after being together 2 years. It was amazing at first but once he knew he had me he stopped coming around as much, stopped talking to me as much because he is too busy being unemployed and trying to find ways to make money. I’m done with the sleepless nights and the fake smiles. I can’t handle it anymore.

  11. same here,..i love him to death but he keeps repeating things that make us get into fights n i tell him everytime to work on it lik i do ….and also he doesnt realize that i cry everynight. because of him..

  12. I lied. I said it was okay for him to hurt me, because the fear of him not being there at all was worse than the fear of him hurting me.

  13. I know how you feel. My boyfriend is always to busy to see me or he will be flirting with another girl..

  14. <-i have lost many wonderful people in my life because im guilty of this ignorance. the realization came a few months ago when the only woman who truly loved me said she met someone else. im sorry i made her cry and now i cry because of pain i deserve

  15. My fiance has locked me out of the house in the cold a few times now…. He didn’t used to be like this. He is also unemployed, while I work two part time jobs and student teach full time… That’s over sixty hours a week not including lesson planning. No one knows our issues except my very best friend. He is a nightmare. Tomorrow is our first anniversary, and he made other plans in the evening when we will both be home. I have never cheated and I dont agree with it, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I was considering it, I think it’s the only thing that will make me feel powerful. I know I wouldn’t enjoy it if I did.

  16. I make excuses for my boyfriend of 2 years now…he is tired …he works mignights so he doesnt have a lot of time…but the truth is he says the most hurtful things to me..like tonight i called him to see if he wanted to see me because i was doing some shopping by his house ..he yelled at me for waking him up..asked me if we needed to take a break for him to get some sleep…and in the end he told me to fuck off and stop bugging him damn it….i just dont know how much more i can take

  17. My boyfriend does the same thing… He calls me names when he gets mad… says things like “I don’t love you anymore” or you ruin my life and never made me happy… then think sorry will fix everything. Why do i love him so much?

  18. hit home for me too only I am told that I am too sensitive and take things the wrong way can that be every day with most all of what he says in the nasty condescending tone he says it-sometimes I think I am going crazy

  19. I feel the same way. And the worst part is, I can’t even tell him. He only likes me when I’m happy. When we’re happy. When I’m not perfect, he finds someone from the long line of girls waiting to be close to him that is. To replace me. He’s emotionally cheated on me. He played it off like it wasn’t a big deal. I have no choice but to play it off too because I’m “fucking insane” if I don’t. I love him so much. I care about him so much. And I wish he would realize that.

  20. i let him hurt me cause the ony time i feel his love is when hes making me feel better. when im happy he seams to ignor me, plays on his phone whenever things are going good.

  21. You’re wrong. He knows how much he hurts you. When making decisions like this, it’s best to face reality and make choices that are based on fact, not fantasy or denial.

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