16 thoughts on “I don’t love him. But I secretly get this thrill when he talks to me..”

  1. I am the girlfriend and I can see what you’re doing- I won’t entertain you by being Jealous because I know he doesn’t want you- and all you’re on is a power high.

  2. this sounds like my situation. to bad the girl and him don’t talk anymore, she’s the one being exstremely jealous lol

  3. I think the secretposter is talking about the mother, in a way. Because the mother does not like the girl, and is afraid something will happen of it.

  4. I do this to my boyfriend. He has a best friend that he’s known for 11 years, and me and his best friend became really good friends, and now I hang out with him every time my boyfriend is busy and his best friend is not. When we all hang out together, I give his best friend hugs and make stupid goofy sex jokes, but when it’s just me and his best friend, it couldn’t be more platonic.

    I would never cheat on him, but I love that he worries about it. It means I’m a prize worth keeping, I suppose.

  5. come on. give the poor guy a break.
    worst case scenario – he convinces himself beyond doubt that you don’t love him anymore and really love his bf. not only will it destroy your relationship, but it will probably ruin his friendship with the other guy.
    stop being so selfish. and get some self respect. you shoudn’t need to provoke him to get proof that he thinks you are prize worth keeping.

  6. This is kinda like me, except my situation is more, I’m dating the guy, and I love talking to/about him whenever his horrible ex is around. I do love my boyfriend though. I feel like I get wayyyy too much pleasure from rubbing the fact that I’M dating him in his ex’s face, but the girl has NOT made my life easy. She deserves it.

  7. He’s my friend. I don’t like him that way. You’re my acquaintance. & you like him that way. I love it when he talks to me, because I know it bugs you that he’s not talking to you instead.

  8. if you’re thinking about the girl instead of the guy it means you’re gay.

    you can lie about it if you want but you’re still more interested in the same sex.

    if all of you are the same sex? it means you’re a coward.

    you’re hurting people because you’re too weak to know better.

  9. I do love him. And i know everytime he talks to me his girlfriend IS insanely jealous. I love it, and I love him(:

  10. I’m the girlfriend. I’m glad it’s worth confusing him and destroying my self esteem and my relationship for your thrill.

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