22 thoughts on “I don’t know how much longer I can lie to myself…”

  1. Please, stop doing it. I’ve done the same for years, but the true always comes out to destroy our lies. And the greatest victims may not even be you, but people you cherish.

    It hapenned to me, and I swore I’d never lie to myself again. Stop it, or you’ll suffer even more…

  2. I lied to myself when I rushed our relationship by saying I liked him more than a friend when i truely didnt… when i told him the truth he was hurt more than ever, but we still remained best friends. Later down the road, when i fell in love with him and told him, he rejected me cause he was afraid i was lying to myself again. I lost my best friend. Tell him the truth as soon as you lose feelings…don’t wait cause that was my mistake.

  3. i lied to myself had an affair then fell in love with my wife. now she is tired of lying to herself; had an affair with another married man. i wonder if i hang in there the affair will stop and she may love me again. we have three kids

  4. I lied to myself and decided I didnt need my antidepressants because my boyfriend made fun of me for taking them.

    Now I hate myself and everything I do. Every hour of every day.

    And now I think I might hate him, but I still cant bring myself to take them anymore.

  5. how dare him. you cant love anyone till you love yourself first and if your depressed and hating yourself then how the hell are you supposed to share your “love” with another person, let alone the one who made you feel bad about being different.

  6. I’ve lied for a long time. And now I think I may end up married because I’m too much of a coward to break through.

  7. I married a guy who I knew from the start was a bad mistake.. 17 years later and the abuse i endour is horrible… I am in the process of leaving but this bastard has ruined everything so I can not leave.. My credit he sabotaged.. I have 4 amazing children and the more he treats me like shit the stronger i get.. I wil be free of him at some point wether it be he’s dead or I.. If you kow you are right,, you are right.,.. whatever anyone says or thinks… pay no nevermind.

  8. I think im in love with this boy. He lives away from me, in another city, we know each other through family. we have liked each other since we were little. he texts me every day. his texts make me so happy. but he’s ugly and dresses terribly but i don’t actually care. if i saw him at the street i wouldnt take a second glance at him, but there’s something about him i just need. he’s the first boy to tell me i’m beautiful. he told me he still likes me and ive told him i like him too. i can’t tell any of my friends i like him because they know from my descriptions of him that i find him ugly, it’s just his face that’s ugly though. I keep lying to myself that i don’t like him, but i really do.

  9. The guy i love lives 10 hours away from me by plane… So i’ve decided i gotta enjoy every moment i have at home as much as i can. I’ve been dating guys endlessly. I went out with one of my best friends twice and didn’t even love him, probably i just wanted to feel loved, but i don’t even know my reasons. Then i met this guy i really liked and it was all wonderful for a while until he dumped me for his ex, who surprisingly rejected him as well. Now i’m back on the road, dating 3 guys at once, none of which my parents would approve. And it really is not that bad, i just wish distance wouldn’t make it all harder than it already is. I don’t wanna use any of the guys i’m dating but i don’t want them to hurt me either. Soon i’ll have to choose and i fall back to feeling best with the guy who dumped me for his ex.

  10. I was with someone for two and a half years.
    After the first year and a half, I’m not convinced that I loved him at all anymore but I kept living my lie in fear of hurting him.
    Trying to avoid pain, I caused it.
    When I finally ended our relationship, both of us were set free again.

    You have to make this step.
    You can’t hurt either of you anymore.

  11. I’m doing the same thing.
    I’m lying to myself about loving my current boyf, while i think i secretly hate him..
    And i’m slowly falling for one of my best friends.
    The weird thing is, I WANT to fall for the other guy. Because he’s dangerous and interesting, and he makes me laugh.
    But there’s still always the ‘what if?’

  12. I’ve been married for 3 years.

    I feel my marriage is a lie, because when we were dating I cheated on him with my best friend.

    If my husband had known back then, he would have dumped me. I told him that people were spreading vicious rumors when he heard something about it. He believed me.

    We shouldn’t even be together. The guilt has been eating away at my insides since it all happened. I hate how horrible I am.

  13. i was so sure i was falling in love with you but now its like all of a sudden ive stopped drowning and realised we dont/cant ever belong together in the real world. If i tell you it will break your heart. If i dont its going to break mine.

  14. i love my bf with all i have n we have planned and imagined our wedding millions and millions of times….. but i just have a thing that i ramdomly cheat on him…. its always with my exs.. i know i love my bf…. n i want to spend forever with him but idk i dont feel totally commited til i have the engagement ring i feel like shit… 🙁 n im tryin to stop.. cause i love him… but i always had LOW LOW self esteem and i love the attention guys give me now… i used to be big n chubby 🙁 and now i get attention i thnk thats why i fall for the trip but my bf loves me with all his heart!!

    i promise i wont lie to my self or to u… i only want to be with u!!

  15. I know the feeling, I am dating this girl whom i fell out of love with, but she absolutely adores me. I also made the mistake of falling in love with her friend which hit me like a freight train of emotions. I didn’t see it coming it just happened and now I truly love her friend, but neither her friend nor my girlfriend are the wiser. I want to leave this relationship and let her friend know how i feel, but I just can’t do it, things would become too complicated and I don’t even know if her friend feels the same way about me. My girlfriend and I watched a movie last night with all her friends and the other girl i have fallen for was there, i saw her flirting with another guy and felt my heart drop like a brick, while this was happening my girlfriend was cuddling next to me but i couldn’t help feeling heartbroken and down. I truly love this other girl but I am scared she doesn’t feel the same for me…I want to let her know, but things would get too complicated…

  16. falling in love with somebody isn’t real until they love you back. you are in love with the fantasy. you don’t want to be with your girlfriend anymore. you should break it off with her so she can find somebody to love her the way she deserves. later after giving it some space you can tell the other girl how you feel. but as the rule goes…you don’t date your friend’s ex man.

  17. I finally stopped lying to myself and him and left. THE BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE. I have NEVER been happier. You only have 1 life, dont waste it unhappy.

  18. I am attached to my ex boyfriend. We aren’t in a relationship.. But we call and txt each other as if we were. The thing is, I don’t have feelings for him anymore. I’m just attached… and he thinks I still like him. I am trying hard every day to release myself from this lie, but I won’t give up till it is over. I will never lie again.. Once you break up, you break up!

  19. i dont know if i’m lying to myself or if i’m just lonely, i fell in love with my first bf married him had kids and for about 2 years now i dont feel like im IN love with him…the thought of losing him does hurt…but at the same time i can’t help but fantasize about being with someone else.

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