28 thoughts on “I don’t feel beautiful anymore”

  1. From what I can tell you definitely are. Plus I totally have a thing for brunettes. 😉

  2. You are beautiful, don’t rely on someone else to make you see that!! It helps to hear it, but beauty lies within.

  3. Everyone is beautiful. Don’t ever rely on someone’s opinion. You’re beautiful if you believe you are. (:

  4. Remind him you like hearing it. Guys are stupid and ignorant, but we like making you feel good. Don’t keep this a secret.

  5. It’s SO good to hear someone say that. It seems like anyone who expresses a preference says they have a thing for either blonds or redheads!

  6. Man–I have felt EXACTLY the same way. He made me feel BEAUTIFUL, without make-up. And when he left, that layer had to go back on 🙁 And I’m 47!

  7. Shit girl no one should have to tell you ur beautiful for you to feel beautiful, if you rely on other ppl to make you happy it’ll never work they’ll always let you down, you have to rely on urself babe. so go to a mirror look at that person in it and say “damn i’m looken good!” cuz you really are beautiful but i shouldn’t have to tell you, you already truly know you r.

  8. I always ask this guy what he’s thinking when we’re together, knowing he will always tell me how beautiful/gorgeous/perfect I am. I just love hearing it. And I don’t feel so perfect when he isn’t around..

  9. makeup changed from being my mask to my first layer of defense when i realized that the men who “loved me” at first sight because i looked a bit pretty didn’t hold a candle to those who came to appreciate me in my sweats and tanktops without makeup and with messy hair. i see my makeup as a layer of protection from those people who can’t really see how amazing i am—how amazing we all are–underneath it, and never again as a disguise.

    you are beautiful. you will always be beautiful. him saying it is only a recognition of an obvious fact–we don’t need to say that the sun is hot to acknowledge a sunburn, same here. no matter what, you are beautiful.

  10. you deserve to be told you are beautiful and if he cant do that I’m sure you will find someone that’s man enough to make you feel beautiful no matter what. This is what my brother told me just the other day. He is right.

  11. No no, brunettes are really much lovelier. Where I live (southern Europe) there aren’t any true blondes or redheads. Anyone who is has dyed their hair and natural beauty is much better. How terrible to be 65 years old and say, “You know, I never really loved my wife. I can’t talk to her now. we have nothing in common. I don’t like being near her. But when she was 25, she had blonde hair and big breasts.” Better to be able to say, “My wife/friend was so naturally beautiful and her conversation, her love, her friendship are what made her beautiful. And now, we’re 65, and she’s still my best friend and I’m wouldn’t want to spend a day without her.” I think that’s better. But just my opinion. I’m sure you’re pretty. You’re honest and that’s a beautiful thing.

  12. I know what you mean. There was someone that made me feel beautiful when I talked to him, and when he decided to leave my life…. I think I feel even worse now then I did before we had gotten so close. I had previously been with a guy that pretty much shot my self-esteem. I was still thin when we had gotten together, but he was always comparing me to his wife who had committed suicide telling me how perfect she was… then I had to have surgery, had blood clots that put me on bed rest, and had been on the Depot shot for a long time which all caused me to gain about 70 lbs. Every time we got in an argument he would call me a fat pig and ugly…. it made it harder to adapt to those changes for me and my self-esteem suffered horribly. Then when he left me 6 months pregnant it was worse, especially after she was born. So when this other guy came along and liked how I looked and all of my weird personality traits, flaws and all…. It felt really good. Before that I thought it was impossible. After I found out the whole thing was a sick game – I feel even more hopeless.

  13. I understand what you mean.

    My fiance used to tell me all the time that I was beautiful. I didn’t take compliments so well and would get upset with him.. He doesn’t say it as much anymore (especially now that I have cancer and my hair is falling out) and it makes me feel disgusting.

  14. I don’t take compliments well either and would always brush him off. But he’s stopped saying it and I miss it. 🙁

  15. I know exactly how that feels, i’ve never felt pretty since that one last time, even when lots of people say it constantly

  16. I feel the same way.. My husband said it all the time when we were dating.. now he thinks I should know..I get dressed up for him and he doesn’t say anything.. I feel like he doesn’t even notice.. Even when I prompt him he doesn’t tell me.. I feel like I’m just comfortable to him

  17. I am blond. And have been dying my hair for 5 years to make him happy. And he still doesn’t tell me I’m pretty

  18. I want to know why he stopped saying it. Is it because I really am not beautiful anymore or because he just forgot? I hope its the second one 🙁

  19. But you are. I understand how you feel. My partner talks about attractive other people are…every time it’s anyone but me.




  21. I feel the same way since my boyfriend stopped calling me beautiful. That was all he’d ever call me, and then he just stopped. *HUGS*

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