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  1. i do it too.but its worse when you have a van goh of an artist brother,who only draws from his mind

  2. Everyone copies at first, everyone is inspired by SOMETHING,even other art work, just add or do something to make it your own and pretty soon, it will be your own and you’ll be doing it from your own mind!

  3. Creativity is art no matter.
    You know my friend gave me a recipe one time and i loved it. I moved away and shared the supper with others and never made mention it was not my own. Yes, i felt a bit guilty for taking the credit. Over time i incorporated different recipes from cook books and other people’s recipe’s and ended up with my very own creation and made up a name for it. Cooking is an art too you know? Eventually you will come up with something in your work that goes in your own direction and the great part is that perhaps you will feel a good sense inside that your friends and family were the ones who inspired you. However, keep in mind if you are not an artist? Don’t push it and move towards what you are really meant to do. No one likes seeing expensive crappy art galleries.

  4. I know how you feel exactly, I`ve done the same thing and I found it did actually help me develope a sense of creativity..even if it wasnt truely my own.. but people seemed to like me alot more when they saw that I was good..

  5. yeah, I do the same thing.
    I copy poems hoping that one day I’ll be able to write like them

  6. I play guitar. When I’m writing a song I’ll try and write something totally original, then I remember that everything that can be done HAS been done. I cant help but copy someone elses work, there are only so many combinations of 8 chords. But writing something original isnt where it ends. It’s what you do with the materials that are given to you, something amazing can be made out of the same chord structure as something else amazing. It’s up to you to put your own personal touches to an already existing idea, it doesnt make you any less of a musician, or in this case artist. From imitation comes inspiration.

  7. thats fucked up.. you should go to hell.. taking other peoples art for pleasure is one fucked up way to go bro. wtf. i have no respect for you whatsoever.

  8. you are rude.

    Art is never always copied, you have to put your own colors, and your art hand into the combination.

  9. I really have no respect for that.
    Talent is a natural gift, and you shouldn’t rip off of the people that actually have it.
    Seeing as this happens to me often, I don’t really appreciate it when others approve of fake-creativity.

  10. I did the same thing at first, except with writing. Fanfics eventually made the leap to original work. Sometimes you just need the boost.

  11. this actually made me fit into my friend’s shoes. she tried copying a lot of art a while back and it really hurt coz stealing someone’s style in art is like taking something away.

    i don’t mind that you copy, everyone does that. i mind that you take credit for it…give credit where its due. someday you’ll be able to create a masterpiece you can call your own.

  12. it can be so hard to come up with your own ideas sometimes, but if you put enough time and heart into it, it will be much easier. you might find this quote interesting because it is what helped me get off my feet and become the artist i am today. the source is unknown as far as i know… “good artists borrow, but great artists steal” keep making art!

  13. I am not an artist but i think it’s perfectly fine to copy other people’s work. In music students learn pieces that were written by various authors. That helps them in learning the instrument and in composing their own songs later on. It’s ok to practice art by coping what others have done. In fact, scientists say our minds especially register what we see, so by drawing what your looking at you are helping yourself -especially in the long run-.
    It’s ok to tell them that it was someone else’s idea because it’s ok to learn and a person does not have to know it all.

  14. I used to do this exact same thing until eventually I could just listen to people talk about things and it would inspire me. I think you can get there eventually. And I’m sure the people that left the rude comments are about 15 years old and haven’t learned anything about accepting people for who they are.

  15. “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”…I didn’t say it, but at least I put it in quotes.

  16. i’m in complete agreement with you.
    nothing is original. take from anywhere that boots imagination and resonates inspiration.

  17. As an artist myself, this kind of annoys me because I’ve had my work stolen a few times. There’s nothing worse than an art thief–the feeling of seeing your work with someone else’s name underneath it is horrible.

    However, if the sender is just copying and giving credit to the person who originally did the artwork (though I have a feeling she isn’t) then there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re SUPPOSED to copy, that’s what art students in Europe do, just go to museums and copy down what they see on the walls. You don’t learn to drive solely by sitting down at the wheel and going, you have an experienced driver teach you, and eventually don’t need their help at all. same thing with art.

  18. I consider myself an artist and I never draw completely from my mind. I suppose it depends what type of art you like. I like more traditional drawings and sketches which are drawn from photos and real life.

    Although you probably feel like a cheat, it will help you. If you study other peoples art long enough you get a feel for the type of art work you enjoy and will eventually progress to do you own ideas.

  19. once my friend made me a deviantart without asking and I was really furious with him
    a few months later one of my designs appeared on a bag
    I was so upset
    it’s ok to copy to get better, but never, ever take someone else’s work and claim it as your own
    nothing is more frustrating for an artist than seeing someone else take credit for their ideas

  20. you really do have to give credit to them though
    plagiarism is a terrible thing
    it’s different if like with music coursework you take different things from other pieces and incorporate them into a new work, but if you do that without crediting the sources and try to pass them off as your own you’ll lose marks if you’re caught, as you should
    you can copy by accident sometimes, but if you totally rip off another person’s work for your own personal gain it’s unfair to the original artist, painter, author, composer, essayist or poet

  21. dont worry i do the same thing but just add other colors or something as a background and soon enough youll be making something all your own…and dont listen to everyones bad comments we all start out copying someone then learn and do it our selfs.

  22. I used to be just like that. I felt horrible doing it, so I vowed to only make original stuff. That was when I realized that I was legitamately good at art, but I never knew it because I was too busy copying other people.

  23. They say immitation is the sincerest form of flattery! I do it, too…but I always add a bit of my own “twist”…..

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