9 thoughts on “I asked to go to rehab for drugs and alcohol..”

  1. I did EXACTLY the same thing. Unless you alter your course it will get worse before it gets better. Find a good psychiatrist and seek help. If explanations are needed for friends and family then it’s an ongoing part of your therapy. Until you are ready to have that that conversation people will make the assumptions for you.
    While I can only speak for myself there’s a sweet relief and comfort in saying those words out loud to a professional. It’s so much worse in your head than it is in reality. I PROMISE!

    PS There are still those in my life that still don’t know the truth and sometimes it’s just easier.

  2. im sorry your going through this. i know how u feel. i feel like im losing my mind half the time. sometimes its hard to even get the “right” help, once you admit you need it…. but u hand the nerve to admit something and its a start. you arent alone though. i really hope for your sake, you can get the “right” help

  3. Seeing this made me almost jump out of my skin. I am planning on going to rehab for alcohol and drug addiction in two weeks. The part that I am most terrified about is that, what if when I take the drugs and alcohol out of my life my problems don’t go with it?
    That scares the shit out of me.

  4. I did the same thing.. I hated myself so much that i began binge drinking and doing drugs so that i could get caught and seek the help that i really needed.. now i know that it couldve been as simple as finding a good pyschiatrist like i did.. when you finally get the right help you will be able to tell.. i could because i would wake up in the morning without self-destructive thoughts and i could go about my day easier.. eventually it just became a way of life..

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