15 thoughts on “I am terrified that I have breast cancer”

  1. I had a brain tumor… I survived. My neurologist said more and more people my age are showing up in his office with brain tumors. I’m only 22.

  2. You are right to be afraid. You don’t have to be ready though. I don’t think anyone is ever ready. My mom fought and beat breast cancer 4 times. She was the strongest person I ever knew. It is almost guarrenteed with my family history that I will get breast cancer someday. Even knowing this I will never be “ready” to fight it. Being ready isn’t important. Being strong for yourself and those you refuse to leave behind is what will beat your cancer. Tell cancer to suck it.

  3. i have stomach and breast cancer. im 17. i havent told my boyfiend yet and i have supposdly 5months to live.

    keep strong, you will be in my prayers.

  4. Keep strong. My experience with my Mom’s case was that ‘she might have breast cancer’ was way scarier than ‘she has breast cancer’ – the worst part was waiting to find out.

  5. I think I have breast cancer and I refuse to go to the doctor. I am 19 and have a daughter. I don’t want to leave her, so to me not finding out is better than having it. All the women in my family have breast cancer. I’m screwed.

  6. my mum had ovarian cancer and apparently it kills a woman every ten hours.
    she wasnt ready to fight it.
    but she bought herself a bottle of champagne and went to the hairdressers and had her hair shaved off so she wouldnt lose it in chemo.
    no one is ever ready for that but you have to face it in the best way you can, even if that means getting drunk at a hair dressers and signing up for chemo the next day.
    be strong.
    im thinking of you

  7. I have stomach cancer too and I’m your age. I haven’t told anyone. Not my mum, not my friends, not my boyfriend. I’m too scared to make it real.

  8. My mom had breast cancer. Every October I wear pink everyday for breast cancer awareness. I wear it for women like you, who are afraid and scared, so you know you’re not alone.

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