12 thoughts on “I always feel bad when…”

  1. I’m the same way. When my kids see a bug in the house I catch it and we take it outside and let it go. My wife thinks its hilarious because I am a Hank Hill type of guy. I just don’t see any reason to kill something that doesn’t need to be killed.

  2. Me too! My friends make fun of me and kill bugs just to annoy me. I laugh it off so they won’t realize how much it hurts me.

  3. aw it’s just a little cross spider.. it’s not dangerous.. but I know what you mean and feel the same way, my father habitually drowns squirrels he catches in our yard with a have-a-heart trap and I feel nauseous and horrified whenever I think about it. He has a body count of close to 200 now.

  4. I know how you feel. the other day a brown recluse spider was in my shower and i didn’t want to hurt it and so i wrapped it up in toilet paper carefully and evacutated it. When i let it go, i ran back and bit me. No one felt any pity cause they just thought i was being stupid!

  5. I put bugs in a tupperware, close the lid fast, run outside, and let them free in the grass. My boyfriend flushed a cockroach down the toilet a month ago, and it still makes me sad to think about.

  6. I abhor people who just say: “It’s just a bug.”
    I feel so guilty when I have accidentally killed a bug.
    It is a living, breathing creature just trying to survive. It bothers me so much. Don’t kill it just because you can.

  7. I learned how to catch flies in the air with my hands so I can put them outside before anybody gets out the swatter. Hah… so gross, but so worth it.

  8. every time i kill somthing in my house i feel bad because i start to wonder, what if it had a family? what if the family was starving and i just killed the only thing that could feed them?!?!??! it freaks me out

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