72 thoughts on “Fuck love.”

  1. What if it’s the other way round? Sooner or later, you’ll wake up next to someone and realize that you’re bored. Again. Not everyone loves the same way; romantic love is just one form. Yes, people need love, but what’s wrong with platonicly awesome friends and sleeping around?

  2. After I broke up with my bf (my only ever long term relationship) I felt exactly the same way. Now he’s telling me he’s interested again… I made decisions I wouldn’t have made if I’d known I’d have a chance with him again but I don’t regret any of it. However now I’m afraid of sleeping with him again without a relationship because I worry that it will make it less special if we do end up going out again.

  3. its fine to admit it even if you’re a girl. i’m slightly annoyed with the stereotype that women should be quiet about things like that. i figure if its part of you, own it.

  4. the same happened to me. even though he started the whole thing, i felt him start to pull away and now i realize i just wanted to be close to someone who cared about me.

  5. the same happened to me. even though he started the whole thing, i felt him start to pull away and now i realize i just wanted to be close to someone who cared about me…

  6. I feel dead inside every time I think about being in a romantic relationship. Guys are needy and so not worth the effort.

  7. I just can’t comprehend the stigma of waiting for the one you love, considering love isn’t really real lol. I lost my virginity to a guy I had only known for a week, best decision I ever made. And just putting it out there, if you want to have good sex on your honeymoon, do NOT wait until then to lose your virginity. I like sex with a casual partner, if it ever starts to ger bad, sleep with someone else. but be safe.

  8. While I am not with you I get you. I hate that women are either virgins or whores. I love sex. My boyfriend and I spend whole days in bed sometimes at my insistance. Why can’t you be a normal woman and just wan’t sex? I think “players” are eventually going ot be sad when they don’t have someone to grow old with, but I don’t think names should be attached because of what you have between your legs.

  9. Embracing my sexuality and my desire for promiscuity is the most empowering thing I have done, maybe ever!

    Horray for confident, sexy, promiscuous women!

  10. I’m as easy as a computer game for 3 year olds. And yet it barely anyone knows. I wish I could tell more people because I want more action….maybe it’s pathetic but I’m leaving school so I can get a new reputation (and more boys). It might be against my “christian values”, but I love being a slut. It’s huge fun.

  11. This is exactly the way I’ve been feeling lately. Screw this double standard. Why can a guy brag about how many chicks he’s banged and he’s the man but a girl says she likes sex and she’s a whore. Well fuck that. It’s about time that this stereotype changes

  12. Just because were women doesn’t mean we don’t have needs of our own, dam people thinkin they know everything.

  13. i’ve been separated from my husband for 6 months and i feel exactly the same way… only long term relationship i’ve ever had and it actually had me believeing that sex was boring and a chore. Turns out he was just lazy and unimaginative, coming to this realization has awakened something within me and now great sex is all i want. Nothing wrong with it. never be ashamed of who you are.

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