20 thoughts on “Deep inside I still blame my mother”

  1. Those feelings will not go away even after she passes unless you confront her with them.
    Before my Father’s Mother died he was able to let most of the demons go for the hatred he had for her.
    Because of that hatred he had for his Mother he ended up having children and a wife and that bitterness came out in the form of anger towards his family.
    This is how cycles happen in families.
    You must find closure and that cannot be done if you do not confront the source of your grief. There is also the possibility that you could develop PTSD.
    There is no blame in hurt.

  2. people ask whats my biggest fear and i say seaweed n feet…..i dont say ive already seen my fear, the day u stood there and asked me and my little sister to go in the car with u and ‘just go to sleep forever’
    i saved your life that day…do u even realise it mom?

  3. what ever happened it might or it might have not been her fault. If it was she is probably still carrying the weight in her conscious. A life without freedom is too limited to enjoy and maybe it’s time to confront what happened and let go. All the anger you might have towards her could harm you more. At least you are alive now, don’t let it hold you back still.

  4. I partly blame my mother for my sister’s mental health problems. Even though I secretly fear it is more my fault.

  5. It’s her fault that i’m damaged…i dont know if i’ll ever be whole again, and it’s all because you wont take your fucking medicine. you’ve ruined me and i hate you for it.

  6. My mother hates me because I wont let her BS hold me back. She has tried to ruin our whole family with the drugs and drinking and homelessness – I feel sorry for her and her unhappiness. She could have had a better life. She has ruined my father who was a brilliant man. I made a decision a long time ago to try and not let it affect me. I do still cry sometimes though. Dont let it get to you.

  7. I hope you’re talking to a professional about that.
    You’d shouldn’t go through that memory alone.
    I wish you well for rest of your life.

  8. same. yet i love her enough not to tell her how i feel because it would break her heart. thats what kills me the most

  9. I know I blame my mother. Even though it was very much my fathers fault, I still blame her becuase she made it so I had to be the strong one, and protect my lil sis. I had to be 14, and stronger then my mother in her 40s becuase of my father. I blame her for making it so I had to be the strongest one.

  10. My mother attempted suicide when I was 13. I blame her for all the problems and unhappiness she has caused my family. But I know what you mean by that feeling. Seeing your mother taken in an ambulance because of a pill overdose and having to visit her in the psych ward of the hospital are images that I will never forget. But what pains me the most is that she doesn’t even realize the impact all of her actions have had.

  11. My mother gave me more than the prescibed amount of penicillin for an earache when I was 5 years old. It gave me thrush which she ‘treated’ with creams when I could have done it by myself. She ‘examined’ me a lot. There was on most levels, pornographic material around the house and my parents used to have noisy sex parties and I would wake up in bed with other people’s kids. No wonder, at the age of 45, I just don’t fuck anymore.

  12. me too…
    and I’m sorry for feeling that way…

    because I love my family no matter what…

  13. because of my mom cheating on my dad my dad became a drug addict…severly depressed and it forced me to get married right out of high school instead of following my dreams… i hate her… she broke up my family and abandoned me. hope it was worth it to her.

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