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  1. I felt the same way, It is completely liberating when you actually go through with it….TRUST ME!

  2. I know that the nature of this site makes it kind of taboo to judge. But I can’t help but say, isn’t there a better way to work on something like sex than just, “goodbye?”


    I’m having a real conflict internally when I see this, is it better to have relationships that are so easily disposed of that nothing is scared for the ease of finding pieces of happiness or is there really a “one” out there?

    I don’t if there is an in-between…

  3. my wife is having sex with another married man. she says its love; so does he. both have kids. what do u think?

  4. Yea there has to be another way besides just leaving….talk to the man, seek counseling, whatever. People don’t place a high enough value on marriage and the ’till death do us part’ piece of it especially.

    Disposable relationships are usually with people who have the same outlook as the other person in them. Which means, pretty much, they can and ultimately will toss their once perfect lover aside when something comes up or better crosses their path. Just my 2 cents, b/c I’ve been there.

  5. No, you shouldn’t judge. She didn’t say “lousy sex”…you don’t know what is going on…maybe he is hurting her, humiliating her, maybe he is making her do things that she doesn’t like. You don’t know, because you aren’t there.

  6. Sorry, I was kinda going on the lines of if she’s just leaving b/c of something thats fixable. I’m not there, but as I said it was just my 2 cents

  7. Really? I don’t want to break his heart, but I’ve got to do something for myself before too much of my life passes me by and leaves me without an opportunity to explore myself and other people. I want to be happy too, just like everyone else in this world. Your comment has given me encouragement and reassurance about my decision to start over… thanks.

  8. I think that if you arent happy in a relationship (even if its just sex) you shouldnt say in it. I have made the mistake of staying with someone for 4 years with no love or intimacy between the two of us. Do what makes you happy, and on the bright side she isnt cheating on him like some people do.

  9. If you’re raising children, I suggest waiting until they’re grown before you break up (I’m speaking as a child of a broken marriage who now hates my father and stepmother for it).
    Otherwise, get out of that unhappy situation and move on with your life before it passes by =)

  10. That happened to me too.

    It’s gonna be hard, but you deserve to be happy.

    Just don’t do what i did and dive headfirst into a new relationship.

    Be single, have fun ;]

  11. So you’d rather have had parents yelling and screaming at each other… about how much they hated each other… you can’t help but blame yourself for their problems then.

  12. yes by all means stay married. then your kids can enjoy watching you two hate each other for their entire childhood. my parents stayed married “for the kids” it was just super to be a part of the misery. kids arent stupid.

  13. Ok you acknowledged and admitted that you no longer want to be with your husband…do leave. The best thing that has happened to me in a long term relationship….was my boyfriend of 7 years left, after me leaving him on numerous occasions and him bringing me home each and everytime. Kids were involved and they were stressed. It come to a point where we were both fighting daily because I couldn’t stand to be around him. After all his manipulation has been exhausted, he finally at some point decided not to come home : ) My kid, his kids are happy we are no longer together. I’m happy and he’s happy, kids are happy. I should have walked away 3 weeks after we met, but instead it took 7 years.

  14. I should have left her after she got pregnant by another man.
    I chose to forgive her and pick up where we left off almost 14 months later. I never got over the trust issue everytime her relationship to a man wasn’t clear or known by me.
    Years later, we have kids and I still believe I’m bound by my word, my promise to always lover her and always forgive her. I’ve lived a miserable marriage life to the point my friends and family know I’m changed and nowhere near who I have always been. Other girls that wanted to marry me, think I was crazy to marry her after what happened and couldn’t comprehend why I didn’t marry them instead because they feel they’re better.
    I feel terrible because now that it’s becoming obvious, I’m ashamed to say I very convinced it was the right decision but I’ve been duped!
    I have thoughts of calling it off so she can be happy and I can be happy but we have adorable kids.
    People have told me to make peace with her and move on so we can both be happy……I’m torn because I can’t live without my kids – heartbroken because I’m not sure how to live outside of my family.
    What do i do?

  15. It IS freeing. I gave my virginity up to a guy i used to have a thing for, but byu the time we did it, it was just SEX I had finally taken the 40 yr old virgin’s advice and took my pussy off the pedestal.

  16. you should discuss having an open marriage with your husband, he might feel the same way you feel and agree with the open marriage idea

  17. After 2.5 years I found out she had been cheating the whole time. I try to comprehend how I could love her as much as I did while she was cheating on me everyday…it’s been 5 years since we broke up.

  18. When I read things like this secret, it kind of aggravates me a little bit. But then I remember that this is only one sentence, not the whole story. So maybe there were more issues in the relationship than what is apparent.

  19. To the person who commented on affairs being fantasy…you can have an active fantasy life without cheating. If you have children and you are not happy, leave, because your kids won’t be happy either. And dreading sex is completely different than not feelin attracted to your spouse anymore, or just plain not wanting to have sex. If you dread sex, make the change.

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