Almost 19 and….

Almost 19 and....

Almost 19 and….

Spends around 36 hours a week playing pretend with action figures

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  1.  by  supergirl

    Its okay I’m almost 18 and still wish I could play with barbie. There is nothing wrong with you, you’ve just got a good imagination.

  2.  by  anthony

    I think more people do this than you think. Google the comic strip shortpacked.

  3.  by  Alice

    It’s ok. I know how you feel. Sometimes it’s better to get away and make up your own world.

  4.  by  Zelda

    Well, I’m almost 16.
    I’m a GIRL.
    And I do the exact same thing. It’s a beautiful thing, man.

  5.  by  QuietOne

    I am glad someone does this. I have super dollfies and I love changing their clothes and brushing their hair. Why do people look down on this? Its calming and enjoyable

  6.  by  downtherabbithole

    I’m almost 17 and I still make up imaginary friends. If it makes you happy go for it!

  7.  by  theonie

    don’t worry. i’m 21 and still wish i could play with barbies. in fact, i still play with american girl dolls. i have clothes and other stuff for them and i pretend. its rather calming.

  8.  by  blank

    36 hrs? dude really. maybe at 14 thats okay but someone with that little of a life, your missing out on such key years. im not saying this because im an old person wishing i had my life back. im 16 and telling you that you could be doing so much more. make your life now and play with the profits later. when youve tried to succeed then you can play with as many figures as you want. but for now. LIVE LIFE. play with action figures when your to old to walk or travel

  9.  by  Evola

    What could this teen be doing instead? How are they missing out? Just because they don’t want to be apart of the stupid peer pressure doesn’t mean they don’t have a life, and I think that it’s great.

  10.  by  Skydancer

    I can understand all sides on this issue. I played with my barbie’s up until I was 15ish. But then there are times to move on and be more social. It’s still ok though if you are having a good time then keep going but maybe a suggestion try other things with different people.

  11.  by  jesus


    ALL THIS MEANS IS UR YOUNG STAY THAT WAY!! NEVER GET OLD!!! BE IMMATURE!! wohooo all the way!!! im 20 and being mature sucks. have fun live your life if you enjoy it do it!!! make sure you do have some communication through other people though… toys are the shit!

  12.  by  Nord

    Surely there’s something between spending 36 hours a week on one thing and giving in to ‘stupid peer pressure’. It’s not exactly one or the other.

    One should only spend 36 hours a week on work (and that’s only because you have to). He/She is in danger of using it as a crutch and not a hobby. However, maybe they could get a job designing new action figures, then they’d have the best of both worlds!

  13.  by  Casey Skinner

    Yeah, I am 21 and I tell ya now, I am living life, but I spend most of my days inside and I feel like I live a life more than most.

  14.  by  roger

    i look people in the eye as they walk by so that when they look back i can convince myself that they think im hot. does not matter if its a guy or a girl

  15.  by  kelsey ann

    Ok well dude seriously maybe thats alot and there are alot of REALLY WEIRD PEOPLE!!! commenting i really don’t think they are helping you at all!

  16.  by  qwerty

    I think that’s a bit biased. If this person spent 36 hours a week doing sports would you call it a crutch? How about 36 hours a week reading? 36 hours a week sitting in a coffee shop talking to strangers?

    Just because what this person enjoys in considered a bit unusual, and they spend a good portion of their time doing it, doesn’t make it anything other than a hobby.

  17.  by  nick

    I wish i was that passionate about something.

  18.  by  Me

    I still dress up Barbies and give them haircuts. My favorite is to dress up my most beautiful one in a princess outfit and have her find her prince charming. I can’t believe someone else does that.

  19.  by  Graham

    I briefly toyed with the idea of giving up my childhood pursuits when I reached 40. But I missed them and decided , hey why bother what anyone else thinks. I’m nearly 60 now .
    If you enjoy something and it does’nt harm you or anyone else , keep on enjoying it.

    I still like to visit toy stores.

    I’m a “collector” now.

  20.  by  Graham

    Hey I’m not wierd !!!
    and I don’t think the rest of these comments are either .

    I think you are a little too straight.

  21.  by  clockworklolita

    i don’t see what some people are making such a fuss about. if you enjoy yourself doing this, then by all means carry on! i just wish i was confident enough to still play with barbies and other pretendy games, cause they were amazing. instead i just do it in my head.

    just make sure you don’t let it take over other aspects of your life, and carry on having fun 🙂

  22.  by  Chase

    Nothing to be ashamed of. Stay a kid as long as you can.

  23.  by  Chris

    I am 29 and have 4 kids. I get use out of their toys and get dragged into their games. You’ll find that you can play your way through life. Even as I wrote this, I was interuppted to come help with their game. Keep practicing buddy! You’ve got a lot more playing left to do!!!

  24.  by  Kate

    while at costco today.. i stood and stared at the barbie rack…….. i was very tempted to buy the doll…

    i am 18.

  25.  by  crazilicious

    I’m going to be 19 in March and I still like to have crazy immature fun! I sleep with my stuffed animal and play dress up still! Right now, I am thinking about buying a toy light saber and running around my dorm bein a goofball with it! If you are having fun and it isn’t hurting anyone, go for it! One shouldn’t lose that young fun feeling!

  26.  by  Same

    I’m 14, and I steal my sisters barbies and play with them! What do you think things like sims are for? I always make up stories and play pretend. my sister is nine and I still play little games with her. It’s fun, I’ve always had a active imagination 😀

  27.  by  zack

    You need to find something that puts you in the direction of becoming a man. Childhood is over. Find your self a job.

  28.  by  ana

    I’m a 21 year old girl and I wish I could spend 36 hours a week playing with dolls, stuffed animals, and action figures. I wish I still had that kind of imagination. I honestly loved playing with dollhouses til I was 15 or so.

  29.  by  Mark

    i have tons of Legos, G.I. Joes, plastic army men, and matchbox cars just sitting in boxes, buckets, and bags all over the house. i wish i could justify playing with them every single day..

  30.  by  anon

    I do the same thing only without the action figures… I just wander around playing differnt characters and talking to myself.

  31.  by  SuperGirl#333

    I’m 15 and i still play imaginary games with my best friend….
    and i don’t think i want to stop anytime soon.

  32.  by  Fighting Moloch

    Naturally, playing with toys and creating massive worlds in your imagination is a life long thing. I’m eighteen, and because I don’t actually have dolls, etc, I end up drawing them, much like I did when I was a tot 🙂
    But seriously, I have to agree that 36 hours a week is excessive.. I don’t even sleep 36 hours in a week..
    Also, LOVE the light saber comment, #crazilicious! We have epic, campus wide nerf battles at my college.

    But dude, spread yourself around a little more. Don’t completely give it up, by any means. But make sure it doesn’t steal your opportunities and your sunshine! I’m with you, Peter Pan!

  33.  by  AxeBackflip

    I’m waay past the age of giving that up, and I bought 2 Monster High Dolls.

    It’s called keeping your inner child alive! Never stop doing that!

  34.  by  [email protected]

    I’m a 33 mother of 3 and wife. I have a “serious” and “grown up” job but I prize the time I get to play with my monster high dolls and vintage my little ponies. Searching for them, buy them, touching them is a fabulous high.

  35.  by  B

    I’m 29, have money and a great sex life, and still play with my old action figures sometimes.


    Because it’s still fun. Anyone who tells you it’s not needs to get their life sorted out.

  36.  by  Mr. Pennyworth

    There are worse things you could be doing.

    Exercising your imagination and having fun aren’t the end of the world.

  37.  by  Marcy Ross

    Good for you! Enjoy it and don’t feel ashamed. I still miss my barbies sometimes.

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