living it without me

living it without me

The reason I want to get married sooner is not because I can’t wait.
It’s because I’m afraid that if I’m not bound to you, you might leave.

When you say you have “more life to live” I get scared you’ll end up living it without me.

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  1. I’m so much the same. My boyfriend talks about marriage, I want to marry him now, I think he will leave me. I wouldn’t be able to carry on if he did.

  2. ;_;

    That secret made me very sad. I’ve faced the same with my girlfriend, but we never managed to marry because I come from a poor family and I’d never afford to live alone with only 21. We dated for 4 years and finally she broke up with me. She’s now with an astonighingly rich guy, what makes me fell even worse.

    Couple of months ago, she called me because she thought her family ring was in my house. I couldn’t hold it, I told her I still loved her. She said she fells the same.

    I just can’t understand why is life so unfair…

  3. The sad thing is, I can relate exactly to this secret. I’ve told myself those same things over and over again, and I wish there was a way to tell him too, without looking too needy.

  4. I think I finally understand what my ex boyfriend was thinking… We broke up because I wasn’t willing to think in serious terms.

    I do have a lot more life to live.

    It has to be without him.

  5. Marriage won’t keep someone from leaving if they really want to leave. It just makes it so much harder.

  6. i know he loves me…but i feel like one day hes going to get sick of dealing with my craziness

  7. This is how I feel. He keeps saying we’re too young, and that we have plenty of time. But I’m worried that one day he’ll wake up and realize he doesn’t need me anymore. I need him to breathe.

  8. I feel the same way; my boyfriend says he doesnt believe in marriage and its like a stab in the heart every time he says it.

  9. This is the same thing that I’m going though, but he ended up leaving…. we had the rings, the dress, the date…. he just didn’t have the love…. and it’s killing me. I feel lost without him, and the sad thing is that he will never understand that no one will love him more than i do. :/ I can’t take him back i don’t trust that he wouldn’t hurt me again.

  10. I can completely understand your sentiment – I often feel the same way, but I would never want to rush into marriage for this reason because it would mean that he might be unhappy with me for the rest of his life. I think if you really love someone, sometimes you have to admit they might still have things they want to do without you, and you have to let them if you put their happiness over your own. Marriage is for life, so we should only commit to it for the right reasons.

  11. i understand completely, my boyfriend constantly talks about life “when we’re married”…. problem is hes soo wishy-washy about when thats going to be. somedays he talks about doing it really soon (like this year) and other days he talks about it like its going to be a year or two from now. which would be all fine and dandy but he hasnt even offically proposed, and we’re putting off telling our friends till its closer to the wedding (cuz were still young and we both know they’ll bitch and try to talk us out of it)

    and its weird cuz hes always the one who brings it up, which makes me just want it more and more every time, but i dont wanna be pushy

    my biggest fear is if we dont do it soon something bads gonna happen and we’ll break up in the heat of the moment or something stupid, and everything will get fucked up.

    (the last time i loved someone this much i got hurt so bad that my heart couldnt even break cuz i felt like i didnt have one anymore)

    the guy im seeing now is everthing ive ever wanted, i wanna be with him for the rest of my life and i really think we could make it. i couldn’t handle losing him

  12. I’m not sorry I chose life.
    I’m just sorry for having to make the choice.
    When I swore I would never hurt you, I never thought I’d have to leave you.
    I wish I could tell you this, but I’m scared to look back.

  13. I read this and started to cry. I feel the same way. I’m afraid if I don’t have that ring on my finger that he’s going to realize he doesn’t have to deal with my sickness anymore…and one day he’s going to get sick of everything and leave. I think that’s why I moved in with him…so that HE couldn’t leave…because it’s his house.

  14. I love you and I never want you to leave me, but sometimes I’m afraid you’ll go back to Texas and find someone better.

  15. I know exactly what you mean. My boyfriend is always talking about us getting married, and he’s more enthusiastic about it than i’d ever dare to be out of fear that i’d scare him off. I’m scared he thinks i don’t feel the same. <3

    And will leave me before he proposes. The worst thing is, even though he promises he will without me even having to bring it up, he says he wants to wait until i'm 21. It's killing me knowing he'll meet someone better than me between now and then :/


  16. Your comment makes me even more sad.
    I wanted to marry my exboyfriend because I thougt if I went with him accross the country, he would leave me if we weren’t and I would be stuck there. Every day I wish I had gone. If he asked me today, I’d leave tomorrow . . .

  17. i cried when i read this. im soo sorry. i would never know how you feel and i hope and pray that someone will love you more than anything in the world. i hope she loves you even if you live in the streets. hell, i love you for saying that

  18. How did you find the courage to love again after you got hurt so badly that your heart wasn’t even in pieces…?

  19. This secret broke my heart because it’s mine too. We met in highschool and I was his first love and his first heart break. It’s few years later and we’ve found our way back to one another. I worry everyday that this time it’s my turn. I don’t know if I could breathe without him.

  20. Guess what? They can still leave when you’re married. NOTHING in this world can bind someone to you. NOTHING!

  21. Well, if you think marriage will keep the person bound to you, you are truly deluded. You will just sound and look clingy and immature.

    Grow up, evolve, take your life into your own hands, and you might become an interesting person.

    If the one you love really loves you in return, he will get back to you and appreciate the person you have become. Make your happiness depend on you only, and see what you can offer to someone, instead of relying on someone to make you happy.

  22. I think this is how my current boyfriend feels. im studying abroad in the spring and i know hes terrified i wont want to be with him, or that i will find someone there. but i know i wont because we were made for eachother. and sometimes i fear he may be the one who leaves me bc i am so crazy sometimes…

  23. I married at 19 for that very reason. Luckily, we’re still together… I don’t think I could handle being alone.

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