I’m running so that you’ll chase me

I'm running so that you'll chase me

I’m running so that you’ll chase me,

even though I know you won’t

26 Comments on “I’m running so that you’ll chase me

  1.  by  ohwow

    You have no idea how much your secret applies to my life. Running away is such a bad habit..

    But I can’t stop. And I’m scared.. even if there’s a part of me that wants to be chased, another part is terrified of being caught. At the same time… I want nothing else but for someone to catch me, hold on tight and never let go. … which I’m afraid will likely never happen.

  2.  by  boot

    i’m afraid of chasing after her and finding out that she didn’t want to be caught. chew on that.

  3.  by  Friend

    Seeing them not run after you is one of the most painful things a person will ever experience.

    Don’t blame yourself for running. Better to run away than to be left behind.

  4.  by  Friend

    I’m sorry.

    Chase her anyway. If you can catch her, she wanted to be caught.

    If she doesn’t, you never will.

  5.  by  chasing

    she told me to not have high expectations but she would have an open mind for the future. I think I love her. I am running after her, but I have ran after every girl I fell in love with for the past 6 years and they always got away. I am afraid.

  6.  by  sarah

    I think I got caught by the wrong person.

    I’m too afraid of being alone to know for sure.

  7.  by  Sophie

    I’m doing the same.
    He won’t chase me, he’ll chase everyone else…
    But I don’t know how to stop.

  8.  by  Dandy

    would he chase me, even though he realised that i was gone?

  9.  by  ebalokagoowa

    i’ve been running in this one-man race for a year or more. he’s on the sidelines, he occasionally looks over, gives me a little cheer, but, for the most part, could care less. he has more runners where i came from.

  10.  by  So long, so hard.

    She’s there,
    I chase her,
    I stop,
    she’s there,
    I run,
    she’s gone
    I stop,
    she’s there
    I ask her on a date,
    she’s not ready,
    I stop,
    she’s there,
    she dates others,
    they fail,
    she’s there,
    I chase her,
    I stop,
    she’s there,
    I ask her on a date,
    she’s not ready,
    I chase, she won’t, I’m done….
    The end.

  11.  by  piggy

    wow, i feel the exact same way :/
    I’ve gotten so comfortable with running away that i’m terrified of being caught. But like you, there is nothing else i want more than for someone to catch me

    but i’m so scared

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  13.  by  Dee

    I ran away, hoping he would chase me… He didn’t, he fell in love with another woman quicker than I’d ever imagined someone could… Two years later I found the love of my life…

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  15.  by  Myself

    he never chased me, now I think it was for the best…

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