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  1. i was like this…i had been with a guy for almost a year and it was living hell. i was hurt so bad and was afraid to date anyone else because i would rather feel nothing than feel that hurt again. but then i met this guy..and then first time he asked me out i told him i wasnt ready for a relationship…but then i realized that if i dont put myself out there, i will never be able to experience love, and that i needed to just put the past behind me and move on with it. i truly hope that you will do the same…because i guess its just the way life is, you get hurt so that you will know better next time and know that when you finally meet a nice guy, you will appreciate it for all its worth because you know that you could be with someone who doesnt treat you good. just be strong and have faith. there is always something special up ahead 🙂

  2. But that’s one of the great things about love. It’s a risk. You’re risking your heart and if the other person means it too he/she is also risking it. It’s what keeps love/relationships exciting.

  3. I met a girl and she’s one of the most awesome people I’ve ever met. There is so much going against me here, but for the first time in my life I feel comfortable and determined… I’m going all out to get her, and I’m so excited.

  4. My best friend did this for years. When she finally said yes she didn’t have the courage to leave when she should have. 5 years and 1 kid later the boy will not commit to her and cheats endlessly. Getting hurt and learning to move on allows you to grow and to learn what you don’t want in your partner. Embrace it, don’t run from it.

  5. It’s one thing to be afraid of getting hurt,
    but it’s another to let that fear get in the way of finding love.

    don’t lose hope,
    have faith.

    if the next person that walks in your life,
    and you feel so strongly,
    and so right about them,
    you should give them a chance.

    Or, you might regret it later.

    Like what jdub said, being in love or falling in love is risking your heart, and having the other person risk their heart as well.

  6. once you get hurt for the first time its like, nothing could ever hurt as bad as that, and you realize if you can get through that you can handle anything…

    besides for all you know you could end up being the heart breaker

  7. I say that I don’t want to be in a relationship because I’m afraid I’ll NEVER get in one.

  8. yea i agree with brokenhearted.
    but back to the origianal postsecret,love is giving someone the power to break your heart but trusting them not too. Granted most times you will get your heart broken but thats when you have to step back and ask, “Is it worth the heartbreak?”

  9. I say I don’t want a relationship every time I get asked out because its easier then being in a relationship and one day feeling guilty about hurting someone else.
    each time i go into a relationship with someone i think i love, i find all those things that i dont want.

    i’ve begun to wonder if i date guys i subliminally know i dont really love because then they can’t hurt me. and i hate myself for being such a coward.

  10. You are defiantly not alone on this one.
    I say I don’t want a relationship because I am tired of getting fucked around, hurt and stepped on.

    I think everyone should stop wearing their heart on their sleeve.

  11. That comment gave me chills too ! Go get her, she’s probably just as excited as you are.

  12. Worse thing in the world is giving all your love, heart, soul to someone you have realized is your ultimate soulmate to the point that you are giving more inner resources than YOU need to survive. Only to have that person, who definitely loves you back as much as you love him, deny his value of love for something else that is less valuable (security, money, etc). Maybe this is because they are full of fear-fear of being hurt, of change, of you. But it doesn’t matter because at the end you are spent, left drained of tears and broken, lost, without anything to fuel yourself on. You gave to someone, loved them unconditionally, and got nothing back. And you’re left alone to pick up the pieces, and to deal with the new depressed person you are. All because this person didn’t value their own values and, in turn, couldn’t give the connection and love between you two the value it deserved.

  13. I feel the same way even though inside i know that love is worth the risk of being hurt. It’s just that all of my family have been hurt so much that im too scared of ending up like them. Having to watch my sister destroy herself, become a shell of her former self and listen to her talk about how its all worth it for some guy she loves so much, well it makes me want to lock myself in room and never come out! This is the first comment i have ever left but i just wanted to say i feel the same way but i am begining to take more chances and let relationships develop and one day im gonna let go and stop worrying about being hurt! hopefully u will do the same and it will all be worth it… : )

  14. I used to feel the same way! Then I finally decided not all guys were like that… Met the most amazing guy! But I let him get away, because I was still a little scared of getting hurt. But I ended being the one who dished out the hurt. And it kills me knowing I made him cry.

  15. “just be strong and have faith, there is always something special up ahead” I like that

  16. I totally agree. I don’t want to get in another relationship, fall in love, or get married. I am done. Some ppl say when ppl think like this its because they are hurting & have lost faith, hope in love. Well I say they’re right but no 1 has spoken on the long term recovery period you have to go through. Its well beyond a rehabilitation but a waste of my time. While you guys are infatuated with the thought of being & seeking love I’ll be right here sorting out my issues & obstacles. You know the stuff that really matters in life. If I can’t relate 2 me how in the hell am I going 2 relate 2 u?

  17. Looking back I realize…the amazing guy was not amazing at all…I just got out of another “amazing relationship”…I think I am expecting to get upset so I just let it happen…

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