27 thoughts on “I say I don’t believe in love…”

  1. we are all afraid of being loved, because with love comes vulnerability.
    and the chance that someone will break us.

  2. It’s ironic that that is the picture used because that sailor randomly saw that nurse and kissed her without her permission. She slapped him after and they probably never saw each other again.

  3. the picture is about the passion of the moment.
    im scared of never finding love too.
    ive had a few relationships, and hundreds of crushes.
    but nothing i ever thought might be love…

  4. interesting side note. the guy in the picture was slapped afterwards cause she was just a random woman he decided to kiss

  5. i shook when i heard this
    nobody has ever made this accusation of me but i was was always scared someone would know why i am so apposed to love =0

  6. This secret is the story of my life. I’ve become very pessimistic and cynical about love because I’ve never expirienced it, and have often tried to convince myself it’s not real when deep down inside I’m just sad because no one has ever loved me and I doubt anyone ever will.

  7. Me too, I thought I was the only one. I feel so much better, even though I haven’t changed anything. Thank you.

  8. i’m 19, and i still haven’t had my first kiss. i hate how my friends pity me. i don’t want that. all i want is for him to want me, like i want him.

  9. i wish i was the girl in the picture…the guy kissing her is happy and fearless … thats all i want…. is it too much to ask?

  10. wow jerrbear12 i literally feel the exact same way im seventeen and ive never had my first kiss and i fear i never will and it is tearing me up inside 🙁 i just want to fall in love and for a boy to say that he likes me ..i am becoming terribly cynical and i am starting to wonder if i am going to end up like Jane Austen and never marry or fall in love or anything … i love that i can come on here and see that other people are feeling the same hurt and fear that i have 🙂

  11. I’m scared that I’m unable to be loved, I mean a lot of people are but I’m scared that I won’t be worth the time. I believe in love, but I don’t know if I believe in it for me.

  12. I use to feel the same way. After my big break with my ex, which I loved so much like nobody or nothing in my life. I just turned cold for the relationship things and don’t want anything like relationship anymore. Now, I’m looking for one, but I’m afraid that nobody will be as perfect as she was. But it’s only fear, and it can be overcome. 🙂

  13. Holy-spear-ink (#25), i am with you. i have experienced it, and i we walked around calling each other perfect puzzles pieces….b/c we were. but then he changed. and it ended badly. if someone i know for that long, and who i loved so deeply, can do that….well, anyone can.

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