64 thoughts on “I pretend to be the “good girl””

  1. I go to a very conservative private school, because I got amazing scholarships. But if anyone there found out that I like girls and boys, I’d probably get kicked out. Last year, a boy had the guts to come out as gay. He got run out of school. I know where you’re coming from. And I’m so sorry.

  2. I have the exact same secret…
    I’ve been hiding a boyfriend from EVERYONE for a year because of it, we are so in love and have a great relationship that (gasp) involves sex.
    I want to tell the truth but everyone will realize who they thought I was is a lie.
    But maybe thats okay… cause I’m not perfect.

  3. Did it ever occur to you that they have lives of their own? It is possible that the majority of them don’t care. The world does not evolve around you. Gag!

  4. No one but her knows what we did, and how wrong it was. She even blames me though she started it. My family would hate me forever, just like I hate myself. I wish I could go back and change it. Stop it, before it ever started,. Yet I still think about her all the time….

  5. they all dont know that iam still in a relationship with my ex that i have a restaing oder against yet they think iam the good girl that is staying away to bad i love him and always will fuck my parents they dont know what is good for my heart

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  7. if my family ever found out about all of the drugs i do and all of the guys i mess around with they would probably disown me. but they only know me as the good little girl who gets good grades and goes to church…

  8. i know that feel so much. my mom doesn’t know that i’m bisexual, that i drink, that i smoke weed, that i’m not a virgin, and that i’m into BDSM. i’m only a 15 year old girl, so she has no fuckin clue.

  9. I love that I’m not the only one who feels the same. Every one of my family members knows me as a good girl none of them know that me and my boyfriend do what we do or how i act and how i really feel

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