64 thoughts on “I know it’s insane”

  1. A girl who hoards her virginity shouldn’t be admired any more than a girl who sells hers. Its punishing a man for being loyal, sure you’ll find out how much he loves you but there are much easier ways to do that.
    And then saying you would give it to a man for being in a movie? As a strait male twilight fan, let me say that feels like a kick in the groin. If you would do that you do not deserve to be loved by anyone.

  2. The secret poster’s poor fiancee needs to find a woman who really loves him. This girl will ruin his life, break his heart and blame him for everything.

  3. I would probably do the same, but not for him, for ian somerhalder .. I dont tink its insane its just a fantasy…

  4. We don’t need to freak out, she’s just saying that she thinks Rob is really really sexy and would go crazy if she saw him. And don’t criticize people’s secrets. They put them here because if they told anyone in real life they’d be put down, that’s what this site is FOR: for people to share their secrets without being screamed at.

  5. I feel so sorry for your fiancée.

    You have let females down.
    Soon you’ll realise saving your virginity was a waste of time.
    I saved it for 3 years, was pointless.

    If men aren’t getting sex off you;
    Then they are getting it off someone else.

    Men need sex,
    Yeah he obviously loves you but only can wait for so long.

    Jesus Christ woman you’ve made him wait long enough.

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