i hate how you don’t listen to me anymore

i hate how you don't listen to me anymore

i hate how you don’t listen to me anymore when i tell you about my day

i want to smash your laptop

9 Comments on “i hate how you don’t listen to me anymore

  1.  by  elizabeth

    I know exactly how this is. It ruined my first ever 1 year anniversary, even though I told him how much it meant to me (about a month before he even thought about getting a laptop). That was also the same night the girl he was talking to behind my back, broke up with her boyfriend and made a point to tell mine.

  2.  by  anon.

    Been there. That’s when I knew we were gonna break up soon.

  3.  by  Friend

    From now on I will put down the computer when you get home.

    I love you, I’m sorry.

  4.  by  NotNow

    I would smash it to bits if that happened to me. >:(

  5.  by  Identity

    i so get where you’re coming from. i just want to hide my sister’s laptop/blackberry whenever we talk. i hate feeling like my stories aren’t as important as hers…it makes me feel small and totally jealous. 🙁

  6.  by  -

    agreed, although he still manages to pay attention to me.

  7.  by  Chris

    I agree. But for me, it’s that guitar. I think boys who play guitar are hot. But sometimes I think he loves that thing more than he loves me.
    When I come home from work, and I haven’t seen you all week, it would be nice to see you put down your guitar and actually look at me when you say that you love me.

  8.  by  P. Lois

    change laptop to blackberry and you’ve got my relationship with my mom….>.<

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