9 thoughts on “i hate how you don’t listen to me anymore”

  1. I know exactly how this is. It ruined my first ever 1 year anniversary, even though I told him how much it meant to me (about a month before he even thought about getting a laptop). That was also the same night the girl he was talking to behind my back, broke up with her boyfriend and made a point to tell mine.

  2. i so get where you’re coming from. i just want to hide my sister’s laptop/blackberry whenever we talk. i hate feeling like my stories aren’t as important as hers…it makes me feel small and totally jealous. 🙁

  3. I agree. But for me, it’s that guitar. I think boys who play guitar are hot. But sometimes I think he loves that thing more than he loves me.
    When I come home from work, and I haven’t seen you all week, it would be nice to see you put down your guitar and actually look at me when you say that you love me.

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