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  1. i’m the same babe
    but he does care
    he just doesn’t show it
    at least that’s what i tell myself
    i want to get back with my boy but we’ve split up 4 times
    far out i love him so much

  2. I know how you feel I am doing all I know how to get the girl of my dreams back we have been together for 4 years. it’s been 9 days and she wont talk to me for nothing.

  3. I know what this is like. It may not be true, but it’s how I feel. The only difference is that I’m still dating her…

  4. i know how you feel….i feel the same….its been 3 years since i saw him and 2 years since i last heard his voice….i would still take him back in a hearbeat…if he only came back…

  5. i had a boyfriend for a year in year four
    he was the best thing to happen to me
    i can still talk to him better than anyone else in the world
    and now in year ten
    we’re hardly friends
    i believe that one day we’ll marry
    because i wouldnt want it any other way
    but what if we dont?

  6. My deepest sympathies to you and your pain. However if “He” doesn’t care then please try to move on. Having a personal relationship burn you is dificult and painful but if “He” doesn’t care about you, than you truly deserve so much more.

  7. You can’t force someone who doesn’t wanna be with you or isn’t ready. Believe me, I’ve tried 3 times. And things were never the same. Keep your head up, stay strong, and please move on…

  8. you’re not alone.

    for the past few years, i write down what i want to say about how much i miss him and love him. how i just don’t feel anything with any guy i have kissed after him.

    i never send it.

    i have several years of letters and i secretly want someone to find it so they can tell me that i’m not alone.

    thanks for sharing your secret.

  9. Mhmm, I know the feeling.
    He was my best (and only REAL friend) for more than a year before
    Then we dated for almost a year
    And just a few hours before he broke up with me, he had reminded me how much he loved me
    It’s been a few months since
    I try not to count
    But it hurts so much
    You’d think after so long,
    If it didn’t get better,
    You would at least get used to it
    Or your mind would show mercy and be numb to it
    But I’ve found that I just love him more every day
    He doesn’t really talk to me much now
    And it’s like…
    I believe with every fiber of my being
    that we are perfect for each other
    And that we WILL get our happily ever after, our forever
    And I just have to wait it out for a little longer
    And keep him in my thoughts and hopes and dreams
    But at the same time,
    It absolutely destroys me to think about him
    To think that he’s not mine right now
    It rips my heart to shreds and brings an interminable flood of tears everytime my mind slips to him
    It hurts to hear his name.

    One day though
    We’ll all get it.
    I know that much.

  10. I know exactly how you feel. I was with the man I love and want(ed) to marry for 3 and a half years. We had the most perfect most beautiful relationship and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together – everyone envied us and wanted to have what we had. The week before he broke up with me everything was still perfect, never argued, never had a sign – he told me he loved me unconditionally. A week later he just broke us up, he couldn’t explain why, he still can’t.
    I think about him every day, wishing that he would realise that he made a mistake, hoping that he’ll come round, dreaming that it never happened. But now he’s in Africa with his new girlfriend – she’s not only 6 years younger than me but SHE told me they were together by sending me pictures of them kissing. I died inside.

    It would have been our 4th anniversary tomorrow.

  11. I know how exactly how you feel.

    But………….. As far away as it seems……. You will find someone who will NEVER make you feel this way.

    Don’t block yourself off to the possibility of that by being sad.

    After 6 years and most of my 20s, I was devastated but it’s been 6 months since severing all ties. Yeah it hurts sometimes but wow… I find myself smiling more. I’m happier on my own and now believe again that I deserve love.

  12. I’m not sure how this picture got on here, but I made this picture around five years about an ex that was pretty horrible to me. I’m not happy it’s somehow popped up again, but what can I do about it?

    And where did that damned ring go…

    There is a happy end to this story though. I did get over him and am now engaged to the love of my life and our three year anniversary is coming up. Thanks for all the nice comments though.

  13. i agree with this guy. although ive been in love with someone for years and they know it, i know that im better than that and for them to even notice me again i have to move on. but its rough…really

  14. Follow love and it will flee, flee love and it will follow…

    I don’t like games, but everyone likes a little bit of a challenge…at least most people do.

  15. i know how you feel,
    me and this guy were perfect. everything was perfect.
    we were engaged, and he just left.
    its been about a month of us not talking.
    last and only thing he said (after this period of not talking)
    was i dont know about us anymore.
    he left me for another girl, which i found out about on facebook right around the same time he said that. i knew it would happen, he was too good to be true, but i still cant believe it.

  16. I know how you feel. I would take back my ex too. I always say the opposite to my friends, but secretly I want him back…

  17. I bawled when i read your secret because of all the times I felt alone and all the times I thought those exact words in my head i finally know that someone out their knows my pain. Thankyou for making me realize that I am not the only person in the world to ever feel like this.. thankyou for letting me know that other people share my pain.

  18. I feel this completely. I am going through so much right now with this battle between my heart and myself. He’s with another girl now “happy” is what he says and the last time he saw me last night he promised to call or text or something…nothing…I realized that he lied to me again like he admitted to doing to me yesterday with all the other promises. For the first time in a while I actually cried. I’m working on giving up right now. It’s hard for me to admit defeat I have never done this before I just simply lost interest and moved on to the next thing. And you know what…he doesn’t care anymore…it just sucks! I have never loved anyone like this before I have given all I could in my life that used to make me happy to be with him and I was willing to morph myself into this perfect little robot that he wanted but he wouldnt accept that either. I guess it is true don’t make someone your everything because when they leave you will have nothing. I hope I can start rebuilding soon.

  19. thats funny because the girls hand looks just like mine, i even have a ring exactly like that that i wear everyday on that finger

  20. her name was staci. she’s absolutely beautiful. i’ve never been that happy. she transfered to a college a couple states away and then eventually left me over a fucking instant message. i’m not even worth a phone call. it’s been 8 months, she has no idea i still care and i’m certain she doesn’t care at all.

  21. I’m the same. Except a lot of the time, I also tell MYSELF I would never take him back after all the hurt he’s put me through. But I know damn well I’d jump at the chance to have him back again.

  22. been in love with this guy for a year and a half.
    haven’t talked to him in 4 and a half months.
    haven’t seen him in 5 months.
    i have to drive past his work almost everyday, i always see his truck and it breaks my heart.
    i don’t think i will ever be over it. especially after reading the post by gayatri and how she hasn’t seen the one she loves in 3 years.
    i would do anything for this guy to love me, he is everything i look for and i’m positive i am in love. it’s not just lust like people seem to think. i used to think i was the only person in the world who felt so heart broken, until i found this site

  23. i know how you feel, trust me.
    i believe the same thing.. that only one day he will come to me and we will be together, but i have to realize that that might not happen. just don’t get your hopes up too high. i’ve told myself that over and over again but i still cry almost everynight because he is all i think about. i check his status updates at least 15 times a day. i hate it when he is going out to a party and i don’t know where it’s at. i don’t drive, but if i did – i would probably borderline stalk him. i’m a very pretty girl and am told alot i can get any guy i want and all i think is “yeah, any but the one i want”

  24. This secret, and all the comments below, have made me lose hope that I’ll ever get over my ex. It’s been 2 years since I’ve heard his voice, and I miss him every single day.
    I love you forever Clay.. If you read this, and feel the same, call me.

    I love you

  25. Stop crying… he doesn’t care.
    There are 150 million other men in America – and he’s not the only “one.”

  26. at the guy above me, stop trolling and being a douche, first of all you don’t know that its a female who sent this in, there are two hands, one male and one female, second of all they are ALLOWED TO EXPRESS THEIR EMOTIONS, thats the whole point of this project, to tell your secrets, if you didn’t want to see peoples postsecrets about things that you maybe don’t agree with then get off the site and stop being a jerk

  27. I feel like I need to be admitted into the hospital I can’t eat I can’t sleep. She doesn’t care how can you leave someone when everything in there life has fell apart. I literally have nothing else to lose

  28. The worst part is that after finally deciding to open up and trust a man, then subsequently being lied to and used for sex and then asked to leave him alone and never contact him, I have lost faith in men and believe they only pretend to love just to get laid. I’m so scared of being hurt like this again that I shut everyone out and flinch when men even come near me. Problem is, I’m incredibly lonely and wish I could love and be loved. It’s not for me I suppose.

    I don’t want him back, I just wish I knew whether men were capable of love or whether they’re all just pretending for the sake of a good time.

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