I backed up into someone’s car

I backed up into someone's car

I backed up into someone’s car. I think I cracked the grill. It’s eating me alive but I don’t want to get in trouble and it’s happened to me and I never reported it. I’m telling myself it’s karma. I’m trying to forget it and better myself through charity work because of it.

4 thoughts on “I backed up into someone’s car”

  1. Shit happens. As long as you didn’t TOTAL the car I think your ok. They probably would have just let you off no damage anyway. Don’t stress. And keep up the chairity work. Its always a good idea. 😀

  2. I think Raye’s comment is wrong. You broke the law and your conscience is giving you heck about it. Your conscience is teaching you a lesson so that if it ever happens again, you will do the RIGHT THING next time.

    Its not like there is a “bad thing credit card” that you run a bill up on, and then pay it down with good deeds. You should be doing good deeds regardless of whether or not you’ve made mistakes. And you should listen to your conscience and learn from it, not convince yourself that you don’t owe anyone anything anymore.

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