16 thoughts on “I am obsessed with romance novels!”

  1. I’m obsessed with them too, I even created a university level project on them just to have an excuse to read them, “Women and Their Fiction: Gender Roles in Romance Novels.”

  2. Do not be ashamed! Romance novels are amazing, and just as worthy of respect as any other genre of fiction. And if you want to see some real intense defenders of romance try the smartbitchestrashybooks blog. They will make you feel fabulous for reading whatever you want.

  3. My friends all think I’m so smart because I know a lot of history, trivia and stuff and they always see me around carrying heavy literature, but I read romance novels 90% of the time. Plus the historical “facts” I tell them came from historical romance novels.

  4. I love reading them too but I try to hide it. Some people know but I don’t think they know the extent.

    My parents think it is an addiction to reading…

  5. I do the same thing with romance fanfics. Sometimes even if I want to sleep I can’t until I know how it ends. I spend more time reading fanfiction than my school books, but I feel too ashamed to admit it.

  6. FanFiction is my guilty pleasure! I have to stay up late reading it because i’m to embarrassed to read it during the day. Glad to see that i’m not alone.

  7. wow so glad im not the only one!!! i dont tell anyone that I read romance novels on ibooks. i feel ashamed for some stupid reason so i just sit there reading on my iphone and when someone asks what ive been doing on my iphone for the past few hours im just like “oh, ya know, facebook and templerun.” LOL. i hate being so secretive but it does give me a thrill. Its like I have my own secret world!! haha I LOVE BOOKS 🙂

    Abbi Glines is my favourite author. Ive read most of her books. Theyre awesome!

  8. I read romantic fiction novels all the time sometimes i stay all night too trying to find out what happens.I read them even at work on my phone and when asked what is keeping me on my phone i blame it on social media.I am too embarrassed to say the truth.I am just concerned on whether it may affect my reality and rationality lol though i am not delusional .

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