Wrong school

Wrong school

I left the perfect school to be with the girls who I thought were my best friends.

Too bad once I got there I remembered they were the reasons I cut myself all those years ago

And now the girls I need the most are at the other school

7 thoughts on “Wrong school”

  1. I had the same problem, believe me, I wish I could help you, but I’m still dealing with that stupid mistake.

  2. I just transferred to a new school and im starting at the end of this month. And one of the reasons i left my old school is because my “best friends” are at the new one. I hope this works out. I don’t think i am strong enough to loose another friend.

  3. jaymonigga you are a troll, a better place for you would be ebaumsworld or youtube, this is a place of non-judgment. you have just defeated the whole ideology of post secrets.

  4. C’mon hun its not that bad i made that mistake a year ago and now i wouldnt change it for the world , make new friends show them you dont need them to be happy . Im sure it will work out if your “friend” laughs and jokes it just shows how pethetic and hope everyone else sees how bad she truley is .

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