16 thoughts on “When I think of her”

  1. I wish my ex would realize this, but then again, I don’t. It’s helped me grow, I’m stronger now, and realized he had his chance..

  2. …mitchell I forgive you…. Now if only you’d talk to me again. What I wouldn’t do for that…. Heh

  3. I ask myself this every day about my best friend who left me 3 years ago. I hope that after I die she’ll know that I really did love her.

  4. When I think of him I often wonder how I ever really loved him, and how could he have been so blind. I forgive him.
    If ever he really could see . . . The answer to the question will always be yes . . .

  5. You hurt me.
    thats all I’ve ever wanted you to realize.
    you were scared to love me, you never thought that I loved you too, and needed you and by leaving you tore me apart.

  6. I love him because he’s funny and sweet and charming and I’ve never had a happier moment than the moments I’ve spent with him. It doesn’t matter that he’s blind, that he doesn’t see how much he means to me. Although we feel different kinds of love towards each other, just knowing that he loves me at all is enough.

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