21 thoughts on “too many unwelcome guests”

  1. Thank you for the laugh

    Amen to your enlightenment

    I bet those guests were welcomed at the time of entrance.

  2. Wow i am sorry that just makes you a………….slut and you always have the right to say no!

  3. i’m sorry i can say the same. . . and i wasn’t a slut for it. and the right is always there. . . and people need to realize that no means no. . . . .

  4. Way to be a bitch Kelsey ann. That doesn’t make her a slut that makes her someone who was trying to fill a void in her life the wrong way. God how can people be so stupid. Isn’t this what school is for? You are a bitch Kelsey ann and you shouldn’t be allowed to post on this sight anymore.

    To the auther of the secret:

    I know how that is. I usually feel guilty about it too. But it most certenly does NOT make you a slut. If you don’t like to feel that way anymore then dont do it. I stopped doing it and have never felt better. 😉

  5. I can’t agree more.

    Way to be a bitch Kelsey ann.
    It’s people like you that make others afraid to send in their secrets.

  6. why are you telling her thats what school is for learn how to spell “sight” and “auther” and yes it does make you someone unworthy of respect

  7. thats nasty but sad….you are a way better person than that…dont makes urself apear nasty or slutty cause u are not!

  8. Well said.
    These girls aren’t just whores who are obsessed with sex.
    They usually have a low self-esteem and may have been sexually harassed so they feel like sex is all they’re good for.

  9. It doesn’t make you a slut I know exactly what you mean. Don’t be so hard on yourself because of what you’ve done in the past because it’s in the past. Focus on the now, on the future. Look forward, not back. Those who judge you aren’t perfect we all have flaws. Booyah Kelsey Ann. Seriously though, life is too short to be unhappy. If you want to make a change in your life you can do it. 🙂 Keep looking forward.

  10. Who knows…it could have been one person, who forced it upon her. One can always be too many

  11. I know…i thought the same thing to myself today. Its not that all people are insecure, by the way. Its sex, its pleasureful it feels awesome…until you think about it afterwards like, “why did i have to find that good feeling in so many people? why not stick with one? or just none?” but its in the past. things happened, and all you can do now is look back on them like learning experiences that you will not go back to. Use those memories to better yourself.

  12. I wish guys would stop after you said no the first time…If you want them to like you.. and they won’t leave you alone about things youd rather not do..sometimes you give in..

    Its easy to say no… when your on that side of the screen…

  13. its beacuase you want attention from them, you want them to think your sexy and amazing, you want to prove you have feeling for them…….at least thats what you thought.

  14. kelsey ann is obviously someone who thinks too highly of herself or someone who can’t really get any guy or just a horrible mean person.

    to the OP, it is good that you acknowledge you made mistakes and it is never too late to change. don’t let yourself be shamed by others. don’t do anything because you are shamed into doing so and don’t let others make you feel shamed for doing something YOU want to do.

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