The reason I don’t want child is because

The reason I don't want child is because

The reason I don’t want child is because

I’ll always love my cat more than I could love any

14 Comments on “The reason I don’t want child is because

  1.  by  Splacer

    Sometimes I feel this away about my dog.

  2.  by  Alyson

    I understand how you feel, but let me just tell you; if you ever have a child, you’ll be AMAZED!

  3.  by  Meow

    I know what you mean,
    I love my cat more than anyone in my family.

  4.  by  jesus

    maybe u should work on sentence structure before you deal with something more complicated such as your EMOTIONS. GROW UP.

  5.  by  Meghan

    Hahaha. You rock. I have two dogs, one ferret, and a cat and I would die for them. But, I hate kids anyway.

  6.  by  JustMe

    You’re a dick.
    No one gives a fuck about sentence structure.
    She’s telling her secret.
    Leave her the fuck alone.
    But if you want to get on someones case about sentence structure, maybe you should think about making some corrections to your OWN comment. Grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Tisk tisk.

  7.  by  JustMe

    I’ve always loved my animals, but I don’t see where you’re coming from.
    I love children, even though I don’t have any of my own just yet.

  8.  by  SuzyQ

    Right there with you Meghan! My two cats are all the babies I need, and I don’t have stretch marks or eternal potty training stories.

  9.  by  Elynn

    Psh, I love my cat most out of my family. I think she loves me more than my real family does. 🙂

  10.  by  Jo

    I posted this before I met my husband and got married. I’m now 18 weeks pregnant and can’t imagine my life without this baby.

    But I still adore my cat more than any other animal in the world.

  11.  by  amanda

    i agree . my pets are my world. but my son is so much more than that. there is nothing more incredible in this world than having a child. i promise you that.

  12.  by  jaymonigga

    thats stupid. cats are stupid. your cat is gonna die soon. what are u gonna do then?

  13.  by  keepontruckin

    Here’s another secret: I was bummed to read in the comments that the posted met her hubby and baby makes three. The secret, which I liked, is now meaningless.

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