6 thoughts on “Some times I think about not brushing my teeth”

  1. If I lay down in bed and think about the fact that I didn’t brush my teeth then I have to get out of bed to go brush my teeth… ugh!

  2. I’m only 13 now and in 8th grade but when I was in elementary school I never brushed my teeth. Four of them rotted and when the dentist had to get them out, they just crumbled to pieces. Now, all of my teeth are still pretty brown even though I brush my teeth twice a day. I feel so terrible when I talk to people because they usually seem to notice…

  3. I was scared into brushing my teeth when I was in middle school, because every year a lady would come in to my health class and show pictures of tooth & gum diseases. Thanks to her, I have to brush my teeth every night, or risk having a panic attack 🙁

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