Part of me hopes he wins

Part of me hopes he wins

Part of me hopes he wins
So I can make good on my
threat to move to Canada
so I can finally be with


(editors secret: this is up a little late as we are still working through the backlog, but I think it is too nice to not publish)

22 thoughts on “Part of me hopes he wins”

  1. Part of me hoped he would win so I could make good on my own promise to move to Canada, and ditch my family.

  2. NO! I moved here from the US because of my wife. I hate it here now. It’s cold,expensive, and the courts/laws here blow. Also, there are enough hardcore mess your life up drugs ( not the fun recreational kind) here to kill a small country worth of population, and all the problems that come along with it.

  3. I was planning on moving to canada if hilary won! but while i am SO SO glad we have finally elected a black president Im not a fan of obama at all

  4. Go to her anyways. I have my own love in Canada who I’m going to run away to. Come with me.

  5. What about girls who have been raped?
    Or girls who just wanted to show their boyfriend she loved him but aren’t ready for the responsibilities that come with birthing a child?
    Do you know about how many pregnant teenage girls go to a good college after high school? Practically none.
    How many even graduate high school? About half.
    Don’t make judgement upon people until you know the consequences for following the Bible completely.

  6. I could have written this one myself, if only the “her” was a “him.” And I spent hours and hours volunteering for Democrats… but part of me still wonders…

  7. i can’t believe you are saying that those girls that make mistakes shouldn’t have to deal with it! yes, if you are raped you should have a choice, but if it was YOUR fault you should not punish the child. give it up for adoption, anything but abortion, that is murder!

  8. i agree with kate. i got pregnant right before i graduated high school. i choose to keep my baby and now i cant imagine a life without her but the thought of just making it disappear did cross my mind and im glad i had the choice. even if you do give it up for adoption your still emotionally connected to the baby and it could ruin your life. if i was younger i wouldnt of had her.

  9. Seriously?!?! What about girls who gave in to peer pressure? What about girls with low self esteem. I know from experience how hard it is to NOT give in to the only boy that’s even looked at you with interest since you were in 3rd grade. Especially when that boy is a pro at smooth talking. “It’ll all be fine,” he said. “There’s no reason to worry.” When I told him I was worried he said, “I love you, baby. What other guy do you know that would be willing to do this with you?” I, never having experienced actual love, finally gave in. When I woke up the next morning realizing he wasn’t in the bed anymore, I knew what happened. I went and got the it flushed out of my system before I had even been pregnant for a week. Since then I’ve gotten my bachelors degree at Harvard in psychology, married a REAL man who actually loves, and had two beautiful children. a 3 year old and a 1 year old. So please, don’t judge someone when you don’t even know them.

  10. I secretly hope this secret is about me, but he would never use the less-than-three, the emotion, or the multiple exclamation marks.

  11. Having an abortion still leaves emotional scars. Try reading some stories about women who actually had abortions and their emotional hardships with the choice they made. The constant thought of “what would my life be like if I chose to keep the child instead?”

    Personally, I believe abortion is wrong, but I believe there are circumstances where it is acceptable, and most people I talk to that believe abortion is wrong also believe that there are exceptions, like rape victims. They just say I’m pro-life or I don’t believe in abortions instead of saying “I’m pro-life except if the woman *insert reasons here*”.

    This may sound contradicting and I hope I can word this right so it doesn’t. I’m pro-choice and believe that people should be able to choose what they want to do with their body and that whatever my opinion is shouldn’t effect what someone else will do. I don’t think there should be a law against abortions, especially because that will lead to more people trying to do an abortion on their own which might cause serious birth defects and health problems for the mother and child if the abortion attempts didn’t work, or might cause the death of the potential child and mother that could have been prevented if there was proper medical help.

  12. Okay,to all males who have the opinion that abortion is wrong I say go fuck yourself, you have no right to participate in the discussion since guys don’t have to carry children.
    I personally don’t know if I think abortion is good or bad but that’s not really my choice is it? Its totally up to the mother in the situation. What if the girl was like 16 and her parents were really uptight? she might not want to give up all of her family, her career plans, her entire life because the condom broke her first time?! seriously people think!
    It’s not really any worse than taking the pill or using a condom if you think about it except its more real.
    I don’t know mabey Im not making any sense but I just think women should have that choice.

  13. What makes you guys think you can just run away from your problems and into Canada?
    Vote, rally, be the country you wish you were. You can’t hide from your problems.

  14. (please read this is a stiffler-esk voice)

    Idiots. Nothing is ever good or bad for the most of you. You have no f* say in anything. You have no criteria! You can’t tell a good thing from a bad. Everytime one errs we tend to think that just erring some more will remove your first mistake. Dumb.

    Then you say: these are MY mistakes. Well f* up and call me Susy, bash your head in for all anyone cares… don’t eliminate a sentient being, a living organism for your mistakes. Take your own life instead! suck f* heads!

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