My love for you

My love for you

My love for you

is way better than any Regina Spektor song.

8 Comments on “My love for you

  1.  by  Emalise

    i always wondered when you were going to do one… i wish i would have found it before it all went down south, but i will always be your fidelity and you will be my poor little rich boy.

  2.  by  Becca

    I’m actually listening to Man of a Thousand Faces right now :]

    It’s hard to get better than Regina’s songs, but I have that love too

  3.  by  kemma

    wow super sweet, that love must be great because Regina Spektors songs are amazing.

  4.  by  Meg

    No love is better than a Regina Spektor song…

  5.  by  opal

    aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3
    sooo cute also regina spektor is amazing

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