My friends think I’m bisexual

My friends think I'm bisexual

My friends think I’m bisexual

My parents think I’m straight

My parents are right.

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  1.  by  x_FrancistheMute_x

    there’s nothing wrong with being any sexuality
    curious though, why you’re parents would know the truth instead of your friends

    best of luck

  2.  by  Ally

    Maybe they are pretending to be bi to fit in. Be bisexual is becoming cool….I dunno why.

    My friends think Im straight and so do my parents and so does my fiance. But Im falling in love with my best (female) friend and Im so confused.

  3.  by  Heather

    It wasn’t till after I married my husband that I realized I like women. My husband is supportive. My family and some of my dearest friends will never know.

  4.  by  jesus

    my friends think im gay . im not so i dont give a fuck. who cares what your friends think you are? dress speak and be how u be who cares what they think what should it matter

  5.  by  Di

    I had a friend in college
    who used to insist that she was bi
    (like the majority of the people we chilled with)

    we all knew she wasn’t

    we have ‘gaydar’ and we can tell
    your friends probably can too….

    and just for the record, I don’t know your situation, but the girl I knew who did this just ended up pissing every friend off because of it… it’s a lie… and why keep liars as friends?

  6.  by  imnotheartlessyoujustnevertriedhardenough

    my mom prays im straight, my dads convinced im gay
    my friends know im bi and thats why i love them – they accept me

  7.  by  Raye

    My parents (after some HARD convincing) think i am straight, My friends know I am bi. Its just easier this way. One day I won’t have to deal with the people who would be hurt by my sexuality anymore. 🙂

  8.  by  someone

    my mom thinks im bisexual. some of my closest friends know iam bi. my mom is definatly right, but i really dont know if i should let her keep thinking or if i should just tell her im bisexual. alot of my friends know. and most dont have a problem. except one. is she a real friend ? or..should i drop her ? honestly, i really dont know. shes the only friend who didnt care. im starting to think i should stop being her friend if shes going to act this way. or should i just act the same way she is acting because she is straight ? i know, it sounds silly but it may actually work. i really dont know now…please please help me !!!!!!! =(

  9.  by  surrealistdreamer

    My mom thinks I’ve been dating my best guy friend for four years, my dad thinks the same about my best girlfriend. In truth, I don’t actually know which gender I am more interested in because I don’t feel much in the way of sexual attraction, but I want to feel close to someone.

  10.  by  Jo

    It is OK to be bisexual….but you can’t date two people forever! Does your best friend know??

  11.  by  pissed offfffffff

    Why would you tell people you’re bi when you’re not? STOP DOING THAT PEOPLE! Its hard enough for gay guys and lesbians to find boyfriends and girlfriends even without people pretending they like the same gender.

  12.  by  Guest

    I guess this is pretty late. Maybe it won’t help you anymore, but someone else is going through the same thing somewhere, maybe this will help them.

    If your friend can’t accept the fact that you’re gay, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. That doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you. And that doesn’t mean that they’re not a good friend. If they believe that gay is not okay, don’t judge them. That’s how they were raised. Or maybe they decided that on thier own. If you keep being yourself, and being a good friend and good person, they will probably come to accept it. Then again, they may not. Ever. Maybe one day they will realize that they were wrong. Maybe they’ll live the rest of their life thinking that. but that doesn’t make them a bad person or a bad friend. If they care about you, that’s all that matters. If they try to “help” you into being straight, don’t take that as a bad thing. They truly believe that that is a good thing to do. If they try to “help” you, that means they care. Embrace that. But kindly tell them that there is no “fixing” this situation. It is what it is. And theere is nothing anyone can do that will change that, because this is you.

    I was in this exact situation. -My mom approached me and I didn’t deny it. But I just kept telling her I didn’t want to talk about it. She still loves me from the bottom of her heart and I know it. I also know that she’s ashamed and hates the fact that I’m bisexual. But she still loves me. And she always will. That’s all that matters. -One of my closest friends is a Christian and couldn’t accept that I am bisexual. She is still struggling with it after a little over a year. But I know she cares and I know her intentions are good. She’s a great friend. She was just raised and believes that gay is not okay, that it’s sinful, and that it’s a choice. She’s slowly starting to see that I would never choose this for myself or anyone.

  13.  by  Ryan

    curious on your comment. Bisexual is becoming cool. You think this is for men and woman, or just woman? I’m male, just now becoming comfortable with my bisexuality. Some select female friends know, and are supportive. Not sure if I’ll ever “let everyone know”, what does it matter ,I’m me.

    Good luck with you though, finance and best friend. I think we do have it best however, can feel strong feelings to all genders. You rock.

  14.  by  katie*rae*

    I tell my friends that i am bisexual all the time. they think i’m kidding. i’m not.

  15.  by  Courtney

    I am bisexual, but I hate when people assume your sexuality. Being supportive of the GLBT community or being an affectionate person with the same sex does not bisexual make.

  16.  by  Amber

    I have 2 kids and a boyfriend but i check out girl i had 3 somes,made out had sex with girls parents dont now think im a little girl still and im 24

  17.  by  Chaz

    most my close friends now im bi. my parents think im bi. i dont want many people to no incase my other friends act differenty around me.

  18.  by  Ryan

    I(Male) am considering telling some of my male friends. a select few girlfriends know. One friend brought up a good point. I may then be referred, when not present, as “My Bi friend”, not sure how I feel about that

  19.  by  Peace

    I am bi. My friends accept me for who I am and I love them for it. My parents think I am going through a “stage” that will pass, I’m 34.

  20.  by  hi there.

    You know, the exact same thing happened to me. I thought I was bisexual for a long time because I had a crush on this tomboy, so I sort of “came out”, I guess, and told some of my friends that I was bi. However, as time progressed, I realized that I didn’t have a strong attraction to other girls – and I’m probably 90% straight. It wasn’t that I wasn’t accepted – it’s just that I thought I was more attracted for girls than I really was.

  21.  by  Cliff

    Bisexual is just another choice.A better one.Some bi guys always take the male role in guy on guy.When i was locked up this was totally acceptable.Its the other male counter part that was at risk.

  22.  by  ~~~

    Someone has me confused. I miss being sure of things.

    Personally, I think you have to have really fallen in love with someone before you can definitively decide on your sexuality.

  23.  by  FullmetalGirl

    My friends think that I am bisexual, too. I don’t know how to tell them that I’m not. (Not that there is anything wrong with being bi.)

  24.  by  David

    People, people! You would do just about ANYTHING to go against established rules. Against normality. Why? Why? then you say, why NOT?

    You’re body parts were made the way they are for a reason. In and Out. Try to plug anything in to another plug… go ahead, try it!

    Try to rub an electrical outlet against another one.. yeah!

  25.  by  Alex

    @Dave – My friend…established rules? rules by whom? normality? What IS ‘normal’? Different for everyone unless one judge’s another. Good to hear what your body parts were made for, I commend you for figuring this out, many have not. But no reason to tell another what their body parts are used for, not in the free world at least.

  26.  by  Male (GAY)

    Almost everyone at my school believe I am bi and I don’t really want them to know I am actually fully gay.
    It really annoys me whenever somebody calls me bi because everyone knows I am not straight, so the only option left would be gay. Anger stuck in me for hours after one mention of my false sexuality.

    Fuck I hate it. At least one of my best friends know the truth (Only one whom I’ve ever told I am gay and not bi).

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