i want to feel the sickening and painful effects of anorexia

i want to feel the sickening and painful effects of anorexia

i want to feel the sickening and painful effects of anorexia; that way i will know that it is working. if i don’t feel it in the next 12 months, i will be using these same hands to write a suicide note.

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  1. my sister suffered from this. and i didn’t even know. i was young maybe 9 or 10, but that doesn’t matter. when i found out it broke my heart. i cried and cried but what hurt most was that i didn’t even find out from her, i read it in a letter she wrote to herself. i know i shouldn’t have read it but i’m glad i did cause now i see her completely differently. she’s no long the my oh-so-perfect big sister. she’s more. she’s suffered something that at the time i didn’t really understand. she’s one of the most beautiful people i know but she’s not perfect. no one is. so please don’t put yourself and the people you love through this. she defeated this disease but what if you don’t? how will it make the people you love feel? i blamed myself for not seeing what she was going through and she survived and it hurts, even now, years later. so please, don’t do this to yourself. people loveyou the way you are.
    ibelieveinyou xx

  2. honestly i feel you are all right. there is no set in stone right or wrong answer because you can never be in another’s head. for one person it is food. for another it is control. but its not worth fighting over. people have their reasons. Accept those reasons and try to help them through it. Thats all we can really do

  3. It’s not that easy. Eating disorders lie much deeper than one
    s relationship with food; it is about control and controlling one’s food intake is a way of getting that. That’s what makes it so hard to treat.

  4. I hate being skinny, im 5’5 and weight 7 stone, i dont have a eating disorder and am desperately trying to put on weight. . . I used to starve myself when I was younger, I thought being thin would make me pretty and solve all my problems, its just created a whole lot more (worse) issues. I urge ANYONE with a eating disorder to get help. NO ONE will judge you!!! I’m proud I now eat like a whale!! Also if you are worried you are crazy and that people will lock you away dont!! I also have bi-pola (yes my anorexia was related to this) and talking therapies really really work. I know its scary, but what could happen if you dont is much more scary. Youre not alone. Please get help, and imagine me holding your hand every step of the way 😉

  5. I am praying for you. I feel that pain and longing too, and you can’t give in. You can’t!!! You look the way you look for a reason, and you have a purpose. I don’t know who you are, but I love you.
    Please, please don’t lose yourself.

  6. You are a fucking idiot. How rude do you have to be to say something as absolutely lethargic as that? You are probably just some ass hole, but I hope you know (and you’ll get some sick satisfaction out of this) that you truly have made many people angry. Fuck off.

  7. I hate being skinny because I’m constantly judged, or I think I am. And I’m afraid that people think I choose to be this weight. Or that I guy will like me because I’m skinny, and I’ll still hate myself.

  8. I know how you feel. Sometimes I cry because I can’t feel my hunger pains and I’m afraid my diets aren’t working…

  9. Regardless of the reason behind the disorder it is a very vicious cycle nearly impossible to break and this is a common feeling in victims of this disease. They want to look sick, they want to feel sick, because they hurt all the time inside and they want to exhibit it on the outside-at least that is what several woman I know suffering from this have explained to me. You can not fight this alone, it is far too hard. please, get help <3

  10. I belive in you, you are perfect just the way you are… even if that just sounded super cliche its true!

  11. Anorexia is horrible and PLEASE get help!! I had it for 2years and it has lead to me having a lot of other problems and I’m now bulimic tried to end my life!! Please get help!! An eating disorder is not just some fad diet it’s real and deadly!!!! I’ve lost my teens I never knew hat it was like properly and I don’t want anyone goingthrough the same!!xx

  12. you have no idea what you are wishing for. your current mindset means that you are already sick and i won’t lie, you have a very long and painful road before you. i have dealt with the disease for 8 years and i can’t tell you pain i, along with my family, have suffered. i’m still sick…not necessarily on the brink of death physically but emotionally i am killing myself. get help before it takes over your entire life. trust me, you don’t want this. i hate how our materialistic society has made a too-thin woman the idealistic image. fight it so that you won’t have to live with it for the rest of your life like i will. and if you think the thoughts of ending your life will disappear if you’re thinner, you are VERY wrong. i’m on anti-depressants and still contemplate walking out into traffic, taking a few too many pills, etc. just to end the hell that was, is, and will be my life. be strong and fight because losing your life to this disease is such a waste.

  13. It’s not worth it. Trust me. I’m so, so sorry that this is happening to you. Stay strong sweetheart, you’re not alone.

  14. I have suffered from this for six years. I got pneumonia twice last year because I was so skeletal, my body started shutting down. I’m recovering now. It’s not worth it. I swear to god, its not worth it. Nourish yourself, love yourself.

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