15 thoughts on “I took your virginity…”

  1. Robot Chicken no! That’s just mean.

    This may be a little corny, but it’s still a secret.

  2. this is my exact situation

    i always said that he was gonnabe the one to leave me
    but i really thought i would be the one to leave him, i was just trying to sound nice

    but he lost his virginity to me
    left me
    and broke my heart

    he’s never had his heartbroken, he had a perfect virginity losing experience, i am jealous

    i feel like i was only here to show him the ropes of a relationship and prepare him for someone better.
    and that’s not fair at all… because i already knew the ropes, no one taught me, i figured it out on my own, and i was ready to give everything to him =/

    i hate knowing he’ll always remember me since itook his virginity
    and i secretly hope he feels bad that he left less hurt and feels shitty about it

  3. He was only with me because I was the only one pathetic enough to give in to him. Once he got what he wanted he left.

  4. He loved you more than anyone on this earth and you were already a little whore before you even met him.You gave it all up.

  5. bro in a sense taking her virginity is somethin much more memorable. you can get over a heart but unless it was drunk as shit its almost guaranteed shell remember who popped her cherry. You=win Her=lose

  6. he took my virginity and heart. i don’t regret any of it.
    it just feels like i can’t open to anybody else now. i simply don’t trust them.

  7. i feel exactly the same, i took is virginity, now he sleeps with someone new every weekend and i cant stand the fact i haven’t slept with anyone since him cause i still love him. i dont think he ever loved me like i still love him

  8. oh lord number 8, this is what i’m afraid of. he’s never had a girlfriend, never had relations and i’m plagued by the fear that i’m just someone for him to spend for now time with. is it crazy that i’m terrified of this because this is the ‘crunch’ time for my biological clock? i need this to work out. i want it so bad to work out. i don’t want years of friendship thrown away because it ends in heartbreak.

  9. I found my soulmate. He didn’t take my virginity and I didn’t take his, we willingly gave it to each other. Though we did noy wait for marriage like we should have, in 2 years we are getting married, and I couldn’t be more excited. P.s., this secret is cute.

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