61 thoughts on “I think about killing religious people”

  1. Wow, just be polite and say no thank you. My brother is a returned missionary and it makes me really sad that people are like this. I am not religious myself but I grew up in the LDS church and some of the nicest, kindest people I’ve ever met are mormons.

  2. I respect all religions and every body has a right to there own opinions but seriously I wish they would just leave us alone!they come to our door and are rude and pushy.
    Im 14 and I like studying religions, so when I actually try and have a conversation with them about the holes in the story of their religion or why they follow one part of it and not others they well… they get very angry…apparently Im going to Hell for asking these questions, as Ive been told several times.

  3. I literally cringed at this secret. My two older and only brothers are both serving missions right now and this makes me feel terrible and scared. I can’t believe people would say such terrible things like this…..joking or not. I am “Mormon” (LDS) and I have no idea where I would be in this crazy world if I weren’t. I’m only 16 and with all of the nasty, terrible things in the world. My church is the only place I feel safe from them with the beautiful, wonderful people that are so sweet and share the same standards as me. I highly recommend you check out our church on a Sunday before you Google it or judge us on anything because I guarantee we aren’t anything that you think we are. Our intentions aren’t to be pushy about you joining our church, although it may seem as if we are at times. WE AREN’T TRYING TO BE MEAN AT ALL! We are just trying to share with you the happiness that we all have felt while being in this beautifully restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I bear you my testimony of these things.

  4. I’m all for everyone having their own religion but trying to turn people to yours pisses me off just because its right for you doesnt make it right for everyone else. leave us the hell alone!

  5. I will never get upset about ‘bad timing’ of visits from door-knockers. When I was very sick, in isolation with whooping cough and unable to speak because I had paralysed my vocal chords, I slipped the Mormon guy who came to my apartment a note apologising and wishing him a good day. He could hear me coughing and sounding generally horrible and kept asking “Ma’am, are you sure you’re OK? Can I call the doctor for you or something?” Despite the fact that I was unable to answer the door but he sat outside my door, and talked to me for almost an hour so I could have some human contact. Later that day, he came back with a cup of tea and gluten free muffin, along with his mothers recipe for a tea to make my throat feel better. I will always remember his kindness, and, while I have turned my back on the Christian Church in all its forms, I will always appreciate the ‘Christian goodness’ of that young man. =)

  6. i feel this way sometimes too…
    i really think religions are like penises: it’s okay to have one, it’s okay to be proud of it… but it’s not whip it out in public and start waving it around in my door if did not ask fot it.

  7. I feel this same way! i wish they wouldn’t push their beliefs on me! i have to quite my job because the don’t believe women have the right to go to school! so they won’t change my hours for class…

  8. Whoa whoa whoa! Religious people are the devil in disguise? I don’t think you’ve ever met a truly religious person if that is really what you think!

  9. Wouldn’t resort to murder but I know what you mean. Had one start with “Have you ever heard of Jesus Christ?” What, the most famous guy that ever lived? No.

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