19 thoughts on “I still remember your birthday…”

  1. Answer: She’ll probably never fade away.

    I still remember his birthday. [: Sometimes, I’m so desperate for him; others, I’m glad he is happy doing things. Mostly, I just wish I didn’t mess up so badly.

    PS. I love that song. [: I made him sing it to me almost daily.

  2. She probably won’t fade away. He broke up with me about a month after his borthday, when this year came along, it had been just over 11 months, and i remembered his birthday. I even texted him happy birthday. He never responded.

  3. I wouldnt have ditched him on his birthday for a Paramore concert like SHE did

    I still remember his birthday, and shes the only one thats ment to remember

  4. I know you still remember my birthday.

    You’ve changed.

    I always got your date wrong

    It’s either March 13th or 16th

  5. I still remember your birthday…. I am very sorry, but I was too affraid of being rejected by you, so I rejected you first… I did love you and I think you loved me too…

  6. Yes, i still remember your Birthday , 25th Feb, coz i have never forgotten any day,

  7. PS I still remember your birthday… Actually, it is my NIP.

    I don’t think I’ll ever forget it…

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