I still remember your birthday…

I still remember your birthday...

I still remember your birthday…

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19 Comments on “I still remember your birthday…

  1.  by  Di

    that song never fails to kill me

    I miss Something Corporate so much

  2.  by  Nae

    Answer: She’ll probably never fade away.

    I still remember his birthday. [: Sometimes, I’m so desperate for him; others, I’m glad he is happy doing things. Mostly, I just wish I didn’t mess up so badly.

    PS. I love that song. [: I made him sing it to me almost daily.

  3.  by  kooch

    its better to be in love than to not in love.

    love makes the world go round.

  4.  by  poopy

    heres my secret

    i had sex with my brother
    and it was the best sex i’ve ever had
    om nom nom

  5.  by  Amy

    Love that song and Something Corporate 🙁
    I still miss him, even though it’s so stupid and pointless now

  6.  by  Somebody

    I plan to text him and say happy birthday, like he did for me. I <3 you still boy.

  7.  by  Just that Girl

    She probably won’t fade away. He broke up with me about a month after his borthday, when this year came along, it had been just over 11 months, and i remembered his birthday. I even texted him happy birthday. He never responded.

  8.  by  Anonomus

    I wouldnt have ditched him on his birthday for a Paramore concert like SHE did

    I still remember his birthday, and shes the only one thats ment to remember

  9.  by  Margoux

    I know you still remember my birthday.

    You’ve changed.

    I always got your date wrong

    It’s either March 13th or 16th

  10.  by  Eva

    I still remember your birthday…. I am very sorry, but I was too affraid of being rejected by you, so I rejected you first… I did love you and I think you loved me too…

  11.  by  MissUnrequited

    His birthday is the only day i look forward to each year just for an excuse to be with him </3

  12.  by  Lion King Simba

    Yes, i still remember your Birthday , 25th Feb, coz i have never forgotten any day,

  13.  by  Eva

    PS I still remember your birthday… Actually, it is my NIP.

    I don’t think I’ll ever forget it…

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