14 thoughts on “I hate that you left us.”

  1. I hate that he left us. I hate that he didn’t care enough to send flowers when I got life-flighted. I hate that he’s my Dad, and I hate that I can’t stop loving him.

  2. I hate that he left.
    I hate that he didn’t visit.
    I hate that I idolised him into being my white knight.
    I hate that he died, and my dream with it too.
    And most of all, I hate it, that 10 years later, it still affects me.

  3. I can’t say goodbye to you, Dad, after you took your life seventeen years ago.

    I never even got to say hello.

  4. If i thought my best friend read post secret I would think for certain this was her secret.. to the actual person. I extend my arms and hugg the shit out of you. I know how my best friend feels and has lived. hugg hugg hugg.. the hurt will not stop but it will lessin xo

  5. I hate that he left.
    I hate that I hated him while he was alive.
    I hate that I miss him now that he’s gone.

  6. I hate that I’ll always have love for him and wish he’d change. I also hate the fact I can’t stop thinking he’s the reason mom gave up and died.

  7. I hate that he died before I got to know him. I hate that I still wonder if he’ll come through the door. I hate that I don’t know who will walk me down the aisle now.

  8. I hate that he didn’t stick around to watch my daughter grow up.
    I hate that he didn’t say good bye.
    I hate that I didn’t get an apology in the note he left behind.
    I hate that he didn’t think about who would find him.
    I hate that his wife still can’t function almost 5 years later.
    I hate that I might stop thinking about him on a daily basis.
    I hate that trees remind me of him.
    I hate that I’m just like him.
    I love that I know he knows how much I loved him.
    I love knowing I’m still making him proud.
    I love that my husband randomly does things he used to do.

  9. I hate that this could have been my family’s secret, if I would not have “manned up”.

  10. I hate that you picked the life that led to prison instead of raising me.
    I hate that I trust strangers more than you.
    I hate that I contacted you and now regret it.
    I hate that you make me feel guilty for giving you as much contact as you gave me most of my life.
    I hate that you twisted my mom up so much that I have two terrible relationships with my parents.

  11. jaymonigga -> SHUT. UP. You’ve must have never have had some one you know and or love commit suicide. Half the time its completely out of the blue, and it tears your world apart. Saying ‘get over it u musta done somethin wrong’, is like driving a red hot iron into an open wound! Can I ask one favor, get off postsecret!

  12. I hate that anyone else is experiencing such feelings, but at the same time such a feeling of comfort washed over me reading this. Just knowing I’m not alone. I’m not the only one. I’m not the only girl who’s dad killed himself. I’m not the only girl who felt this great rift form between us over years when he once was my hero, or the only one to hate him for taking away any chance of us making things right. I’m not the only one to hate him for not giving me a chance to say goodbye, and beating myself up for letting it destroy me almost 10 years later. I’m not alone in watching a man I idolized slowly reveal himself to be human… And a weak, hurt, warped human at that.

    I’m sorry you went through it too, but thank you for showing me I’m not alone. Thank you.

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