i get drunk and sleep with a different random guy every weekend…

i get drunk and sleep with a different random guy every weekend...

i get drunk and sleep with a different random guy every weekend…

because i’m scared that i’m not pretty enough to get a boy when i’m sober.

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  1. I’ve been there, done that. You have to realize what you are worth. Men don’t sleep with random women because they are attractive. They sleep with them because they are there. Realize that you’re not validating what you think you are. Once you figure out how great you are as a whole, you’ll know that most of these men aren’t worth a second glance. You DESERVE better.

  2. this secret is disturbing. but so true. I used to feel the only way a guy would be interested in me was for sex. I stopped. Now I’m scared I’ll end up alone.

  3. I’m kind of the opposite.. I live my life abstaining from alcohol, drugs, and casual sex.
    But I’m beginning to question my beliefs, because I feel like a guy will choose a girl who drinks, over a girl like me. I want to fall in love, I want to find someone who completes me, and who I want to fully give myself to. But I’m afraid that I’ll never be wanted that way.. I’m afraid of always only being just the friend; I want to be seen in a new light.

  4. I am glad to know that there are others out there like myself. This is exactly what my life has come to. I want more then anything to be loved and deeply cared for by someone, but don’t feel like I’m worth it. At least 2-4 times a week I drink to the point I black out and will basically do whatever with whoever gives me attention. The brief moment in time were I feel cared about is not worth the overwhelming pain I feel everyday. I have become a disgusting human being and am so ashamed of myself. Who would ever love someone like myself, I don’t even care about myself, let alone love myself. I wish I knew what love felt like. I honestly don’t even enjoy sex, just the feeling of being with someone and desired. My life is a joke.

  5. I’m 42. i divorced my husband after 18 years of marriage to reunite with my first love who was about to get out of prison. I had fantisized about this moment in time since I was 18…I left everything behind…and within a year he cheated on me with a local meth whore who lives right here in the small town I brought him to…he recently married her, but he calls me all the time telling me how big a mistake he made leaving me!! I listen to the messages as I’m laying in bed with my 22 year old lover who’s satisfied me more than ‘my love’ ever could!! I wonder if he knows what a loser he is…because I can promise you I do!! I hope she was worth your loss!!!!!

  6. It doesn’t make you “pretty” if they sleep with you. I hope you find out that your worth more than some booty call.

  7. I think that deep down, everyone is the same. We just deal with these things to different extents. We’re not all alone, because we’re alone together.

  8. cheers girl! your type is celebrated in my town! If i werent taken now id probly still be out and about bein hella drunk and kickin it with girls like you

  9. I am 47 years old, and I feel like my age group was the first to have to deal with this. It is a result of the sixties and free love, and has blossomed into a whole new world for young women. Those feminists were full of shit – women didn’t gain anything by giving in out for free. Being upset about being treated badly is not wrong! It is normal!! The media and the politicians are feeding you young women a bunch of crap. It is human nature to feel bad and upset when someone you cared for treated you horridly – it is just common sense. Unfortunately, now they young men have it in their heads that the women are here for their entertainment purposes, and ONLY for their entertainment purposes. They have no idea what it means to be a real man, and have lost all sense of propriety, courtesy, and class. I have three nieces who I know have a lot in common with this person, and I don’t know what to tell them. There is no answer. The world is horrible now and it can’t be fixed.

  10. I’m 22 yrs old and I use to be the type that had sex with different men drunk or sober but I had certain sex buddies that I would go to and some of them wanted to have an actual relationship with me n yes I knew I was atractive but I wasn’t a beautiful person cuz at the time I didn’t love or respect myself.but that was back when I was a teenager n now I have and now I am loyal and married to the love of my life and we also have a beautiful daughter I so thankful that I finally found true love and I hope that one day u women will realize that u all worth way more and that u are beautiful and I hope that one day you’ll find that one person u have been longing for .

  11. I am on bar/disco every friday and saturday evening. The guys are giving me martini and whitewine all the time. They know I love it. And I drink it all. Of course I am getting very drunk. I pee my pants more than once and I pee my bed. When I am drunk, the guys are taking me to a room behind and maybe you can imagine what they are doing with me. When they are finished with me, I am finished to. Mostly 6 or 7 or more guys are having there fun with me. The first time I had sex I was 11. It was great. I loved it. Since that day I have had very much sex. I think I was only about 9 as I started go to school without panties in the summer. And I was always sitting somewhere maybe on stairs or a stone so that they all could look right between my legs. Very very exciting. And I still do. [email protected]

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