15 thoughts on “I can’t stand to be with you”

  1. my boyfriend finds every little thing to make me feel smaller than him and uses it to his advantage. and im never right with him. i cant stand to be around him anymore, but yet i cant seem to leave. damn it… if it weren’t for love i’d be long gone.

  2. I broke up with my fiance after over five years together. We were at a crossroads and I took a sharp left away from him. I can’t stand it when he calls me and talks about his new girlfriend even though I’M the one who broke up with HIM.

  3. It’s so much better to leave than to waste your time with a narcissist like that. It’s quite possible that he just *can’t* love you back because of his own issues.

    Sorry if you know this already, though.

  4. I went out with my first boyfriend for two years. He was horrible to me, nothing I did was ever good enough and he made me feel absolutely worthless. If I told him he was upsetting me he’d get angry at me for trying to change him, and if he asked why I was still with him the only answer I could give was “Because I love you.” I could not for the life of me think of another reason. (Funnily, this was his reason to, despite how my every characteristic proved how flawed I was as a person and how I needed him to fix me.) Leave him. You will feel empty and like a failure for a while, but it gets better. And you will find new people, or friends who didn’t want to interfere, who genuinely care about you and like you and want you to be happy. It’s an absolutely wonderful feeling.

  5. Maybe they grew up together and now that they are older they are on 2 differnt pages of life. Thats whats wrong with me and my wife.

  6. it’s easier to say than done to try to leave a person you love, but it’s better to leave the one that makes you always unhappy no matter how much you love that person because if he/she really loves you, they wouldn’t make you unhappy all the time. If you could fall in love, you could also fall out of love! Time will erase everything………….at least to some people.

  7. I understand this completely. I’m in the same situation and I don’t know what to do. What did you end up doing?

  8. i’m in the same situation. there are times when i love him so much…others when i feel it will never be worth it because of how he makes me feel about myself

  9. I am with you on this one, the guy I love drives me up a wall – we fight about every detail until neither of us can go on anymore- but we stay together knowing we love each other anyhow.

  10. My wife felt the same way. I try everyday to make her not to just be able to stand being with me, but to want to be with me.

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