Why didn’t he fight for me?

Why didn't he fight for me?

Why didn’t he fight for me?

I wanted him to fight for me.

He was supposed to fight for me.

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  1.  by  Kay

    I can relate to this, my ex and I broke up 3 times, everytime we broke up because of him (he cheated, lied) and everytime I forgave him and I’d end up asking for him back. I made one mistake and he broke up with me..now strings it along, 10 months later and he still won’t sever all ties. Guys are just as bad in relationships and I vow to never let my guard down again. ever. I just want him out of my life for good.

  2.  by  Kristin

    hmm I think I read this differently than everyone else…
    my guy didn’t fight for me in that he didn’t stand up to his mother for me.
    when she made up her mind to hate me, he didn’t bother fighting.
    after two years and all that I stuck by him through,
    he went back on everything he said to me.
    it’s the worst feeling in the world knowing that I’m not worth it to him when I fought for us as much as I could.

    I still don’t know why he didn’t fight for me..

  3.  by  Sara

    I bet at one point you were sobbing and saying these exact words.
    He was supposed to fight for me too.
    One day someone will fight for us.
    Too bad that day isn’t today, and that someone isn’t him.

  4.  by  Asherah

    It’s okay I guess knowing I wasn’t worth the fight norte effort
    But it’s horrible watching u beet urself up. You didn’t fight for me and eventually u pushed me away
    It’s awedul watching u blame yourself and beet yourself up
    I’d still fightto keep u safe and happy baby

  5.  by  Corine

    hun, they arn’t all the same. A guy may have messed with you, or maybe more then one. Some really mean it. I’m with a guy who really means it. Trust that someday a guy really will mean it, because one day they really will. Mine does. I love him.

  6.  by  October

    You dumped me, left me when I was pregnant with our son.
    I was too tired to fight for you, I had been fighting for our baby, with everyone I knew including you.
    You didn’t stand up to your mother, you sided with her on abortion.
    You tried to scare me into getting one and blamed our son for every issue.
    You threatened to cheat on me when I was 8 weeks along and had strep because I didn’t want to go out in the zero degree weather to hang out.
    You harassed me on my ex-boyfriends funeral and even said you’d sign over your rights.
    Now you blame your uninvolvement solely on me when you talk to others.
    You’ve never even seen this baby, nor try to. You’re a legal stranger to him.
    As much as I wished you’d fought for me and stood up for me.
    It’ll always hurt more knowing you didn’t even bother to fight for HIM.

  7.  by  XP

    He was too much of a coward to fight for me. Garrett, Why?

  8.  by  BeenPlayedTooMuch

    Fuck all of you bitches that try to play your fucking games. I’m serious. We don’t fight for you because we are sick and tired of being messed with, and we feel like a bitch who plays with us isn’t worth fighting for. If you want us back that badly than say so, but don’t expect us to be your dog and come chasing after you.

  9.  by  Mickyd

    You brought that one on yourself. You completely played with him “i wanted so badly for him to beg for me back like he did so many times before..” He was sick of your shit. Good job.

  10.  by  sdgioudhf

    I fell for the only one who fights for me, but he doesn’t love me back. He doesn’t even know. But he’s there, he’ll always be there- I finally think I’m happy with that.

  11.  by  the real jesus?

    … because you dragged it out so long or pushed him so close to the edge that he lost the fight against himself.

    being strong hurts more than being weak.

  12.  by  Angelique

    I don’t want him to fight for me. My man was selfish and cruel. He fought dirty.
    And every single time he said he was fighting for me, he was only fighting to hurt me.
    and i don’t blame him
    i was the fool for trying to tame him
    i thought i would be able to change him
    make him consider me
    i thought if i gave him all of my heart that he would do the same for me
    and when he lied, cheated on, and belittled me
    all the times that he disrespected my worth
    i kept saying we could make this work
    repeating this mantra of insanity
    id open my heart, my soul, my legs to stroke his vanity
    and he would fight for me
    to stay beneath his thumb
    i couldn’t feel the pressure cuz my heart was too numb.
    but now i’m done
    he can’t fight for me

  13.  by  Amanda

    This happened to me like in the comment #2
    My boyfriends mother didn’t want us to be together. I don’t understand why didn’t he stand up for himself? Why didn’t he fight for me? Were still together but I wish he would fight for me? Why aren’t I worth the fight to him?

  14.  by  Ra's Hat

    Being dumped can be soul crushing.
    Maybe he didn’t have it in him to be rejected again.

    Maybe you destroyed what fight he had left.

    Maybe he respected you enough to respect your decision to leave.

    If you kicked him to the curb, perhaps he got the idea that you didn’t love him any more.

    And being with someone who doesn’t love you, no matter how much you love them…
    It’s unfair on you both.

  15.  by  jaymonigga

    cause u werent worth it/he didnt want to/he was sick of it. My g/f tried to pull some shit like hey im leavin. i was like peace bitch. she was like all u had to say was please stay. and i was like nah

  16.  by  vk86

    wow this is what i am thinking this moment and i just said those exact words not to long ago and its driving me nuts!! i want to do something about it but cant!!

  17.  by  Lisa

    My husband of nearly 10 years left me yesterday evening. 6 hours after I bought his anniversary gift.

    3 days after he stroked my hair and told me things were OK. Not to worry.

    No one has ever fought for me. I ache.

  18.  by  Emmy

    We were together for three years, and things started to fall apart. But everything eventually falls apart, it’s just a matter of putting things back together. I guess he never had the will, or the time, or the energy to say the things I never could. He didn’t fight for me, for us, and for that I will never forgive him.

  19.  by  yasmine

    I just broke up with the one i love the most, we love each other way to much .. But when he gets bored he like to make up a fight.. And right after that he knows how to piss me of by acting like he don’t care about it and he go nd play ps3 and go chat online and laugh with his “female” friend. Knowing that i know and i’ll be pissed for that. Yesterday i just couldn’t take it i was so hurt of his ignorince. Really hurt so i just told him i want a break up after being with him for 10 months now. He asked me why. I told him why then just simply said ok. I was hoping for a little more talking about it but he didn’t ..the problem is we always fight but we never Ever let the day go without talking about it or just fix everything. This is the first time that we fight like this and our first break up.. I miss him so much but after letting me go just like that im not sure he misses me too. And that what hurting me the most.. ._.

  20.  by  amber

    our secret relationship started way back 2009.. we broke up after our two long year relationship.. i dont know why.. its like once upon a tym we were together and when i woke up the next morning we dont know each other… he cut our communication for almost 1 year. he came back with an excuse that ” hes just trying to protect me” and he missed me… that was the tym that i can say im ok.. its fine with if he returns or not. .. i dont care….
    but i still really love him… now that i allowed him to return in my life… whenever im asking him if he can fight for me, if he still loves me, i get nothing but sigh…

    the fact that he cant fight for me while in my part i could give up evrything really hurts me,,

    so i decided to cut the relationship because it will go nowhere …..

    even though things ended like that i know in myself ilove him… its just that i cant feel him anymore…

    sad….the man ilove the most cant fight for me…

  21.  by  amber

    is the fight against the world for someone worth it when the one you want to fight for already dropped his sword?

  22.  by  L

    It hurts so much that this man can walk away for the second time, not having the decency to tell me that there won’t be another go or having the decency to let me know he was in a new relationship, yeah, say it “you aren’t together, why does he have to?” because it is the one and only thing that I have asked of him and we were supposed to have been in a long term relationship, its how I found out and its the same as last time and it has destroyed me. I even asked him and he denied it, 2 weeks previous he said it would be me to be with someone before him,he knows this would never be true as I am far too scared. We have a son. He has 3 kids from a previous relationship who’s mother has manipulated, twisted, bitched for 4 years but I still was there, still loving him even with his faults, hey,I’m not perfect, I have issues, I have faults but you don’t run out when things get tough. Ithrts more that he’s with someone else as the problems we have/had are HIS problems with the twisted bitch who guilt trips for “the kids” NO THOUGH DICKHEAD!! To suit herself, lying and sabotaging the kids childhood in the process and sadly, even his kids who have learnt the emotional blackmail from their mother, that’s not OUR relationship problems, that will carry on to the next relationship, the one after that etc., its killing me because if love him so much, I tried so hard, admitted my faults and tried to work on them but yet I’m still no it good enough, still not pretty enough, still don’t have big enough boobs (until 7th Dec!! Yet!!) to be enough for him. I try to tell myself I’m better than this hurt, I deserve better than to be always his last thought but if it’s meant to be this way, why does it hurtt so very very much?

  23.  by  Summer Caro

    You were supposed to fight for me like I fought for you. You’re mom made us break up. She hates me for fighting for you. You told me that if you’re mom found out we were talking she would kick you out. I lied when both of your parents asked if we talked. I would of done anything for you but I guess I’m not good enough for you. I guess I’m not worth the fight. You can’t stand up to you’re mom but I did and I’m getting punished.

  24.  by  Lee

    Yes. It hurts so bad! My boyfriend broke up with me without a single fight. As a very shy girl I usually hold back whatever may be on my mind and keep it all bottled up. The moment I couldn’t hold back and voiced myself he left me and replaced me in a matter of a week. I’m fine with not having a relationship but he wants absolutely nothing to do with me. It’s easy to try to move on but I feel empty not being wanted.

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