13 thoughts on “When I visit the circus”

  1. i don’t know why but i think the person that posted this secret is not a boy.. not that it would matter but i just think it’s a girl..

  2. I’m not dissin’ on you… But clowns creep me out…
    The thought of masturbating to them naked makes me sick to my stomach…
    But that’s just me personally.
    Lol. To each his/her own I guess! xD

  3. im glad im not the only one. i have only told 2 people before, one left shortly after and i managed to convince the other i was kidding. im still not sure what is so wrong about it.

  4. the only thing really creepy about this is masturbating while visiting the circus. i mean, wait until you get home or something.

  5. Clowns scare the living shit out of me… but my real-est fear, is the fear of sitting in the back seat on the drivers side in a car or truck. But I’m perfectly fine driving…

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