15 thoughts on “the only thing i like about you”

  1. It should be “the only thing i like about you…ARE your eyes.” eyes are two things so it should be in plural form.

  2. I fell for a boy for his eyebrows, in fact, I always judge the attractiveness of a boy by his eyebrows – not much else. They should look a certain way, they should be full, dark, and arch just right. The one thing I hate about my current boyfriend is he is so amazing in all things but doesn’t have much in the eyebrow department. That really bothers me sometimes.

  3. The only thing i find attractive in my boyfriend is his eyes!

    we’ve been together for 5 years…

  4. Actually, no, it shouldn’t be. It would have to be “things…are.” “Thing…are” is incorrect. Since there is only one thing to be liked here (unless the eyes are liked separately), “thing…is” is correct.

  5. The eyebrow thing is a little weird. Lol.
    Why would you judge someone on their appearance?
    That sucks.
    I guess I’m only saying that because I feel I don’t have much in that department. Lol.
    Oh well.
    I laughed when I read this secret.
    The innuendo was great.

  6. I judge people on their teeth. The scary thing is, even when I don’t want to believe my stupid ignorant prejudices, they are always right.

  7. I can’t believe all of you are going crazy about a freaking grammar mistake. This person’s trying to get something out there, and all of y’all are freaking out about the grammar??? how insensitive!

  8. the only thing i like about myself is my eyes, i hate my body.. my eyes are the only thing that i want

  9. Actually, it’s grammatically correct– “thing” is the subject rather than “eyes.” 🙂

  10. @shiznaz:
    Actually, you’re incorrect. Sort of. “Is” refers back to “thing”, not “eyes”, so “is” is actually correct.

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